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Greetings Community, in this new post I will discuss the BloomZed Project and to be more clear about the following BloomZed is the Review:

BLOOMZED is designed to provide convenience to its users. Many features are embedded in this platform. This is a platform that supports all operating systems; Android Smartphones, Windows Phone, iOS, and web platform versions.

In terms of its usefulness, this BLOOMZED platform not only functions as a digital wallet. Moreover, this platform can be used to pay bills, receive bills, shop online either in cash or installments, loan or borrow funds among users, make payments for loyalty programs, investments, and so forth. Another interesting thing from BLOOMZED, this platform is prepared for all currencies across the country in the world even from digital money (cryptocurrencies) though.

In terms of security, it is certain BLOOMZED developers have prepared a series of advanced technology today to maintain the comfort and security for its users. BLOOMZED has been working with several well-known and long-standing companies in the field of security technology development. In addition BLOOMZED is equipped with QR Code features commonly used in the wallet in general.

Some of these developers include;

Products from mReward Software House. The automated mReward platform makes it possible to manage software loyalty from all levels of complexity. It includes a set of components: omnical user identification, CRM and bonus processing.

CRM mReward is a set of modules that provide collection and processing of customer details, flexible arrangement of useful, do analysis and report preparation. It also provides the introduction of ad campaigns with permanent and temporary stocks and communications with customer databases through various channels. The platform has flexible settings, which makes it easy to perform all operations.

Products from OZ Forensics.

KYC-platform from OZ Forensics is designed to recognize the authenticity of digital images and documents, to identify biometrics and provide protection against electronic fraud. This includes three blocks; OZ Biometry – video and photo biometric identification, OZ Photo Expert – digital fraud identification in image scans and documentation, OZ Text – recognition and identification of omissions, extracting textual information from digital copies, export to client profiles.

Products from Vision Labs. this developer introduces LUNA SDK. a machine that provides highly effective accurate face recognition in graphic images and video streams. real-time identification is possible. In addition, LUNA PLATFORM is also available to users. This is a system that allows managing data to identify individual and verification behaviors. The platform is extremely flexible when it forms scenarios for complex recognition of varying degrees of complexity.

Product of Idemia. The company holds the top position in the field of digital identification and biometrics. Safran Identity & Security (Morpho) and Oberthur Technologies (PL) have joined forces to create leaders in this segment and provide users with the opportunity to connect, pay, interact, travel, go to work and even choose no load in a way that has become available in the world connected modern. Supplementary activities are aimed at meeting the needs of five core industries: telecommunications, security, identification, IOT and financial services. Because of that connection, OT-Morpho has a unique technology experience and a vast global presence. This solution provides digital security, authentication, video analysis and work with biometric data.

Products from CorporateTechnologies Center. The developer of this one has released M4Bank, an innovative software product that provides a set of solutions for trading mobile phones. It is a multifunctional reliable platform that makes it possible to manage multilateral banking services over long distances (via customized mobile applications). This product is highly technological and convenient, and meets all the requirements of the international standards put forward to ensure the security of electronic payments.

Products from Hi End Systems Company (HES). The HES (Hi End Systems) company was established in 2010 by a team of top managers of international investment banks and major IT developers. At this time, the company’s staff brings together over 60 highly qualified specialists who possess not only technical knowledge but also considerable experience in developing solutions for the financial sector. The basic direction of the company is consulting and software development for the financial sector. HES successfully collaborated with well-known organizations and start-ups from North American, CIS and European countries.

As for some features presented by BLOOMZED for its users include the following;

WEB – Passport

To gain access to all features of the Bloomzed system, the user must go through the identification in it, which is done by filling out the form and providing documents proving identity. Based on the information received, the system automatically creates a WEB-passport user – space in the wallet, which is designed to store all necessary information about this person. Information from the WEB-passport in advance will automatically be available to the owner of the QR- scanner or code when scanning the external QR code or QR-code wallet. Inside this WEB-Passport will contain the scanned documents (eg, passport, insurance certificate, driver’s license, vehicle registration certificate, etc.). socio-demographic information. Contact information, the user’s address for shipping items when ordering in an online store is required when creating a wallet.

Some advantages of the WEB-Passport are;

Efficiency of payment. When shopping online, you no longer have to fill in contacts and personal information fields, enter your shipping address and card number. This is enough to scan the QR code generated by online stores and confirm payment in mobile applications. With payment, the system will automatically provide the contact information and shipping address to the seller.

Simplification of policy settings. Having a WEB-passport, you get rid of the need to provide the insurance company with a package of documents when setting policy. The system will do this for you in automatic mode.

Acceleration of obtaining loans and installments. When purchasing an item in installments or arranging a loan, the system will automatically send to the seller or lender the entire package of necessary documents. This speeds up the application submission process by several times. You do not have to visit a store or bank, just make a few clicks on your smartphone and within minutes you will get an answer wherever you are.

Simplify identification and authentication. You just need to scan the QR code with your device or it is possible to scan your code and all the information needed to get access is transferred to the recipient. In this way allows passing identification and authentication at conferences, exhibitions, seminars, workplaces, Internet resources, in personal accounts, e-mails, electronic queuing systems, etc.

Connect the card to the Bloomzed mobile wallet for no card payment.
You can connect MasterCard or Visa any bank card to your mobile wallet in just a few minutes. After that, you can pay for purchases via mobile wallet, even without having a bank card in hand. The number of cards is unlimited. You can connect cards issued by all world banks, as well as cryptocurrency cards (Xapo, Center, Wirex, Monaco, TenX, etc.)

After connecting the bank card to Bloomzed mobile wallet you get a chance to make a payment. Even if you do not have a plastic card in hand, you can make payments via QR code technology – in all sales outlets integrated with Bloomzed, as well as in places with NFC-enabled terminals.

You will no longer have to enter information about the card in the appropriate field, which is required when performing web transactions in the normal way. This feature is available on all websites where connecting with a wallet is created by scanning QR-code. in one click. This is done directly on the Bloomzed mobile wallet. Charging the phone, paying for tickets, utilities and other services is really done in a single click. Tens of thousands of services and goods are integrated into the system available to you.

By connecting a card to Bloomzed’s wallet, you will be able to:
Transfer money easily. P2P transfer from card to card is done very quickly and easily. To do this, you only need to enter the card number or the recipient’s phone number and the transfer amount and the money will be sent from the related card. Receiving cash in bank branches and ATMs will be very simple. To do this, you need to scan the QR code at the cash register or ATM, enter the amount you wish to receive, confirm the transaction and retrieve your money.

Bloomzed wallet for electronic money.

If you do not have a payment card, bank account, and you do not want to go through all the bureaucratic intricacies associated with their preparation, but want to use Internet services and transfers, to make quick and secure purchases on web platforms, the optimal solution would be the Bloomzed electronic money purse . To start using them, you need to download the mobile app “Bloomzed” via the nearest agent (cash office, ATM with Cash in option, terminal) and fill the balance. Charging balance via transfer from others using “Bloomzed” is also possible. After filling your Bloomzed electronic balance of money on your wallet, you will be able to; make payments at every sales outlet, pay for services and goods with electronic money with the help of your smartphone. Payments are available in all outlets, integrated with Bloomzed and using QR code technology or have NFC-enabled terminals. And so forth.

Bloomzed cryptocurrency wallet.

This product is new in the Bloomzed family. introduced is expected in II-III quarter 2018. This wallet will allow to store tokens and cryptocurrency of various types, make transfers between relevant wallets, make payments at every sales outlet (both physical and online) pay for services / goods with tokens and cryptocurrency with instant conversion into fiat currency and credit seller account with last.


The token sales schedule: January 17-February 17, 2018

Total token: 100,000,000 BZT

Payment Token: Ethereum and Bitcoin

Token price: 1 ETH = 500 BZT

Base: ERC20 (Ethereum Blockchain)

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