Bloomzed-The AI for all your financial needs

In this fast growing world it becomes difficult to manage your finance and with it even becoming digitalized the problem just increases more. You might need an assistant and most preferably one that is intelligent enough to control and manage the finances. This is where Bloomzed comes in .It is a universal AI assistant that helps you deal with all your financial needs and makes it easier for a smooth financial transaction without the hassle of the old prevalent methods of financing.


Bloomzed is complex software that uses open API and has software blocks integrated to a single system. This integrated system is designed in such a way that it provides solution for the technological problems.

The system is designed in such a way that any option that we use such as updating, editing and so on won’t slow down that working of the system. The Bloomzed software has been almost fully completed.

The aim of the Bloomzed project is to create a tool which is very much easy for the day to day transactions using a smartphone or a card and using this app reduces the need to carry card or cash .Operations such as money withdrawal, payment of funds, depositing currency,

Exchanging currencies can be done in a jiffy.


The few wonderful features coming tagged along with Bloomzed include:

  • Mobile Payment Module
    It supports NFC transactions and can interact with POS machines to manage cards and this module can be integrated to android easily.
  • Universal Cloud Payment System

This provides active management of all the user accounts and has the card history and replaces the key on an interval. This technology is also resistant to hacking.

  • Wallet Management System

This system has information of the users and provider and supports the work of managing the data via mobile apps

  • E-Commerce

This module shows convenience for electronic commerce. The module allows accepting payments, managing a store, etc as
it is multifunctional.

  • Biometrics and Tokenization

PAN (account number) is replaced with a token which are then linked with something called the “virtual cards”

The transference of the marker ensures that the confidentiality is maintained and also prevents hackers.

Biometric authentication adds more to the security of the payments as it replaces the PIN.

  • QR code technology

Every wallet consists of a different and unique QR code and the reader can read it in seconds.


If the bank card is linked to the mobile wallet then

  • Payment can be made without a card which reduces the hassle of carrying a card around. Even if you do not have a card, the OR code technology and NFC make it easier for payments.
  • Payment can be made without prevarication. Long gone are the days of entering the card information for everything. The use of QR code makes it easier to identify the user.
  • Payment can be made with a single click which saves time and energy and the hassle of typing large information.
  • Money can be transferred easily, only the card number or phone number is required and the money amount to transfer and voila! The transfer is done.
  • Withdrawing money becomes easier as it i done by scanning the QR code and entering the amount of money required

The Token sale

Token generation and distribution for the Project participants and Bloomzed Crypto Club has two rounds and the first one was held on December 19-26-2017 and the second one will be held on January 17-17-2018 or when the Hard Cap of 45 Million BZBZT.

For attracting new members for the Bloomzed Crypto Club, the BZT will be sold through cryptocurrency exchanges which will be done in the later part of 2018.

BZT token distribution is done in the following way

  • 20% BZT- Founders of the Project, team members, partners, etc
  • 15% BZT –grants, marketing bonus, etc
  • 5% BZT- participants of first round
  • 45% BZT – participants of second round
  • 15% BZT – operating budget of project

100 million BZT has been planned to be issued.

The Final Verdict

The finance industry is filled with lots of opportunities and dangers. With almost everything becoming digitalized it is easier to hack and download the information. Bloomzed has the technology to stop the hackers with its various features like biometric authorization, QRcode scanning, etc which will pave the way for a more digitally safe transaction.

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