Energy Efficiency Protocol for the World without Emissions

Bluenote is a leading blockchain solution for building a world with zero emissions. Bluenote launched the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. This creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows construction operators in the world to study

The Bluenote Foundation has its core mission to lead the transition to cities without emissions, but to do so in a way that is environmentally, economically and socially sustainable. According to the United Nations, more than two-thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. Today, office buildings in cities are the biggest source of CO2 emissions, with all the consequences. Worldwide, buildings are estimated to be responsible for 33% of all CO2 emissions. For example, according to the New York Green Bank, commercial real estate accounts for 67% of all CO2 emissions in New York City.

The market works based on trust

Historically, there was a lack of quality real-time information about the results and impacts of energy efficiency strategies. There is a reason that most blockchain solutions in the energy industry focus on purchasing power plants (from renewable markets or from wholesale markets), and that is only because the energy can be recorded on a reliable electricity meter that is good enough for a utility to collect. If you can bring
the same level of trust to reducing energy use in real time, you can find ways to value and assess energy reduction at the same, or greater, level of energy production.

Core Principles

The Bluenote Protocol will be a trusted decentralized foundation for recording, calculating, exchanging and verifying the impact of energy efficiency on buildings. The Bluenote protocol is built on five core principles:
• Open Access: Each project can upload data and gain access to the Bluenote Protocol and its ecosystem.
• Decentralized: Bluenote protocol is a method of categorizing and trading data between decentralized network nodes, not a single relational database or centralized server.
• Transparent: All shared data streams connected to the protocol can be accessed by all third party applications that will be used, together with each transaction or data usage.
• Confidential: To maintain confidentiality, all data streams are identified by a unique key that is only known to the owner and who is shared.
• Data has value: Participants can be rewarded with bluenote simply because they upload useful data to the protocol, with the amount of rewards depending on the type, quality, frequency, and demand for that data


It’s hard to get the right data to make the best decisions about energy efficiency in the building. Energy, operational, and value values ​​of building assets are rarely available. If yes, it is usually silenced in hardware and software product vendors, who face each other in expensive exclusive solutions. Without easy access to data, building owners and investors have difficulty proving how specific investments in building technology affect energy use and profits.

The solution

Bluenote  will pull this data stream from the building and standardize it through a distributed blockchain solution called the Bluenote Protocol. The Bluenote protocol is an open and confidential network that allows simple data sharing, data services, and building analysis to unlock new energy efficiency strategies in buildings. The software-based Bluenote protocol can be used both with new applications and with
energy technology that has been installed in buildings throughout the world.

Risk and uncertainty

Buildings usually finance energy efficiency investments through the operating budget with the expected return on reduced electricity bills. That often means buildings usually pursue projects with returns of less than two years. When specific energy efficiency strategies are not proven, or have an uncertain impact on the short-term life cycle of commercial office property, buildings do not take risks. Their willingness to take risks in
efficiency strategies decreases when the repayment period increases, and they don’t trust the numbers of vendors who sell products or solutions to overcome those obstacles.


Bluenote tokens are digital currencies compatible with ERC20, using smart contracts. which will be traded under the BNOW ticker. Buildings  and devices that integrate Bluenote Protocol and share data are valued in Bluenote tokens. Buildings can then buy and use Bluenote tokens to purchase energy efficiency analytics, from application developers using the Bluenote Protocol.


The Bluenote protocol simplifies and speeds up the energy efficiency services market. Instead of developing integrated hardware and software for each vendor, buildings that are connected with protocols can purchase services with Bluenote tokens, and simply point third-party applications to their existing data locations on the Bluenote Protocol. Furthermore, as more data is linked through the Bluenote Protocol, applications will be able to mine large data networks for insights into building efficiency strategies that work, while maintaining the confidentiality of buildings that share data.

Basic information

Token name Bluenote
Token symbol =======
Social media Review of Iv Envilope: First Postal Blockchain Service in the WorldReview of Iv Envilope: First Postal Blockchain Service in the WorldReview of Iv Envilope: First Postal Blockchain Service in the World
Language English
Platform Ethereum
Sales Tokens =======
Country Not found
Receive ETH
White paper Click Here to See the Whitepaper
Website Click Here to Visit the ICO Site

About the BNOW Token
abbreviated as Bluenote:  BNOW 
Token  Bluenote BNOW  , which acts as an intermediary for utilities or energy services, serves as a payment method and reward system as part of a decentralized protocol that provides distributed data analysis that provides distributed data analysis in commercial buildings and energy sector.

Bluenote  using Ethereum Platform – ERC20
Results will be released: 12.5 billion tokens
for sale 625 billion billion tokens
Starting ICO c 2018/07 on 2019/01
Sale Bluenote tokens will be on ETH, BTC, USD, EUR, JPY, GBP

Distribution of Bluenote Tokens:
Public sales – 50% prominent.
At remuneration allocation: 20%.
The founders allocated 20%.
Bluenote World AG allocates 10%.
The software allocates 30%.
For staff allocation: 30%.
For marketing Business allocation and development: 30%.
Transmitting operation: 6%.
Under the regulatory and legal framework emit: 4%.


Bluenote  is a smart and unique economic technology that can be applied in the real world. The Bluenote protocol simplifies and speeds up the market for energy efficiency services and enables construction operators around the world to learn from each other how to spend less energy by mining distributed data. Unlike many blockchain projects that only exist on paper, during 2018, the Bluenote project tested several technologies in the Bluenote commercial real estate protocol. Importantly, it allows anyone to take part in this new market.

For more information about Bluenote, please follow the link below:
Facebook:  https: //www.facebook. com /
ANN thread:
Whitepaper: e1f5ff6c690f7acccff5de4f188 .pdf

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