The Energy Efficiency Protocol

Global warming caused by carbon emissions is both humanity’s greatest challenge, as well as an enormous financial opportunity.

Buildings cause over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, making them the largest singular source of carbon emissions because they consume about 60% of global electricity. More than 70% of all buildings were built before the first energy crisis in the 1970s, which creates an enormous market for improving their energy efficiency.

Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

Energy Efficiency Benefits

Making buildings more energy efficient has a number of key benefits:

It generates an enormous direct and continuous cost saving by reducing their energy costs.

These cost savings make buildings more profitable and therefore substantially more valuable.

The non financial, but sustainability benefit, is that the increased energy efficiency greatly lowers carbon emissions.

Buildings Today

Siloed Data

Building data is trapped in defferent vendors silos or sits unused

Data Privacy

Data owners are concerned about exposing confidential data

Actionable Intelligence

Buiding operators don’t have the decision making tools they need

Capturing Value

Buildings can’t calculate the financial benefit for their improvements bcause they can’t track their performance

Lack of Financial Incentive

Energy effiency and building operational data is recognized for the value it provides

Financial Opportunity

Bluenote is tapping into an enormous market, not just according to Bluenote, but according to this report from Deutsche bank and the Rockefeller Foundation, which the United Nations cites as its key research in this sector. The summary of this report says:

  • $279 billion could be invested in retrofitting the residential, commercial, and intitusional market segments in the US (note: this is the size of just the US market)
  • The invesment could yield more than $1 trillion of energy saving over 10 years, equivalent to saving of approximately 30% of the annual electricityspent in the US
  • If all these retrofits are undertaken, more than 3,3 million jobs years could be created
  • Additionally, if all these retrofits were succesfully undertaken, it would reduce US emissions by nearly 10%
  • $6,5 trillion dollars in global real-estate asset value could be unlocked

The Protocol

Reward Structure

A reward pool will be established to seed The Bluenote Protocol with quality buiding data and to facilitate data generation, uploads, and application deployment by 3rd parties, as kickstart to the Bluenote token economy.

Community Data Sharing

Data owners may wish to elect to share some of their data with the Bluenote community as a whole in an anonymized or protected format through the Bluenote Protocol.

Fully Decentralized Data Collection

The Bluenote Protocol allows for data owner to establish their own protected node, rather than having to share their data with a platform or cloud.

The Token

The Bluenote Protocol facilitates a market for software and data acces based on an ERC20 token. The token leverages distributed exchange infrastructure and solution to serve protocol users or token traders wherever they are.


Token Name: Bluenote

Token Symbol: BNOW

Total Number of Tokens – Supply: 12,500,000,000

Total number of tokens for sale: 6,250,000,000

Unsold tokens: Unsold tokens will be allocated to Bluenote World AG, which will not sell more than CHF 10 million per year in tokens, not before 2020.

Token Distribution

Public Sale 50%

Tokens available in public sale are sold in a private sale, at the conclusion of which the remainder of tokens not sold, will be sold in a public sale, or sold on exchanges by Bluenote World AG.

Reward Pool 20%

The Reward Pool will be established to seed the Bluenote Protocol with quality building data and to facilitate data generation, uploads, and application deployment by third-parties, as a kickstart to the Bluenote token economy.

Founders 20%

Tokens allocated to the founders are subject to a vesting period of 24 months. The vesting schedule will ensure long term goal alignment.

Bluenote World AG 10%

Tokens allocated to Bluenote World AG will be used to fund administration and operational items.

Use of Proceeds

Software 30%

Building and maintaining the Bluenote Protocol is largely a software development effort and an ongoing exercise in innovation. The success is a function of the efforts and creativity applied, hence the “software” demands the majority of the proceeds from the TGE.

Personnel 30%

A relentless focus on innovation and efficiency requires a dedicated and highly skilled team of experts. Profiles ranging from Engineering to Marketing will help lift the protocol to its full potential and help release the massive value still locked-up in building energy efficiency.

Marketing & Business Development 30%

Communications is of paramount importance when building a community and ensuring a worldwide adoption of a protocol like Bluenote. Continued Marketing, Communications and progressive Business Development is intended to keep ensure the successful execution of the solution as well as being essential to reach critical mass of the ecosystem.

Operations 6%

Security, reliability and availability will be the key drivers of the team operating the Bluenote Protocol. We are striving to combine these objectives with a lean organization, both technical and administrative.

Regulatory and Compliance 4%

Ensuring a sound regulatory framework for the services will be important for adoption and growth of the network. Bluenote will work with both stakeholder organizations and regulators to allow for the most efficient execution of our vision.

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