Blockchain technology that provides energy data that is more reliable and safe for users.

Blue Note launches the world’s first Protocol for blockchin based energy efficiency. This creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows construction operators around the world to learn from each other how to spend less energy through analyzing distributed data.

Bluenote is a leading blockchain solution for building a world without emissions. Bluenote launched the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. This creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows building operators around the world to learn from each other how to waste less energy through distributed intelligence data.


There are several main benefits of making buildings more energy efficient, for example, sustainable cost savings and directly generated by reducing energy costs. In addition, buildings are more profitable because of this cost savings which means they also become more valuable. More importantly, carbon emissions are reduced by increasing energy efficiency which is not a financial benefit but sustainability.


They will form a Prize group to sow the Bluenote Protocol with quality building data and to develop third-party data creation, uploading and deployment applications and facilitate the economy of Bluenote tokens.

Data collection is fully decentralized. Data owners are allowed to have their own protected nodes so they don’t need to use “platform” or “cloud” to share data. If data owners want to share some of their data with the Bluenote community, they can do so in a format that is anonymized or protected through the Bluenote Protocol.

The market for data access and software is facilitated by the Bluenote Protocol and is based on the ERC20 token. Distributed exchange infrastructure is facilitated by tokens and tokens serving protocol users and token traders, wherever they are. The founding tokens and initial investors are subject to a 24-month vesting period. If tokens are not sold, they will be held by Bluenote World AG which will not sell more than CHF million in token value every year.


It’s hard to get the right data to make the best decisions about energy efficiency in the building. Energy, operational, and value values ​​of building assets are rarely available. If yes, it is usually silenced in vendor hardware products, which are facing each other in expensive exclusive solutions. Without easy access to data, building owners and investors have difficulty proving how specific investments in building technology affect energy use and profits.


Bluenote will pull this data stream from the building and standardize it through a distributed blockchain solution called the Bluenote Protocol. The Bluenote protocol is an open and confidential network that allows simple data sharing, data services, and building analysis to unlock new energy efficiency strategies in buildings. The software-based Bluenote protocol can be used both with new applications and with energy technology that has been installed in buildings throughout the world.

Bluenote Protocol will utilize this blockchain technology to not only provide energy data that is more reliable and safe for its users, but also allows everyone to use this data to develop better energy solutions. the Bluenote protocol has the potential to open more than $ 650 billion in value globally.



December 2015 – Launch

Blue City Solutions (“Blue”), a global coalition that helps improve people’s lives by testing, sharing and implementing the best smart city solutions, officially launched at COP21 in Paris.

May 2016 – Discuss

Blue holds an innovation debate open to stakeholders from the international energy world at the Blue Horizon event in Amsterdam, where commercial real estate is discussed as the single largest source of carbon emissions in cities.

September 2016 – Focus

Blue began the project to develop a protocol that allows the global real estate market to directly track energy efficiency: the Bluenote project.

February 2017 – Open

The Bluenote project team was formed with the aim of developing protocols that support independent and decentralized economies that help optimize energy efficiency for commercial real estate throughout the world.

Fall 2018 – Share the event for making tokens

Anyone who passes the KYC process can participate in Bluenote token investment collections and in the performance economy of Bluenote tokens. Bluenote tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 Standard Token.

2018 – Build real-time energy reporting

Bluenote will launch the world’s first open-time data-building performance protocol to compare and verify the energy, emissions and financial data of each building.

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