a 21st century project that creates a decentralized ecosystem of buildings throughout the world


BLUENOTE is a 21st century project that creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows buildings around the world to learn from each other how to get rid of less energy and lower emissions “This fantastic goal is why I am looking for and joining this project. At present, the world is in great turmoil from the challenges that result from carbon emissions from buildings, machinery, industry etc.

Innovation to make the future tooto save go green to reduce carbon emissions using and then controlling the system to support ecosystems and the quality of circulation reducing global greenhouse gas emissions, I think making a reduction in carbon emissions for the future to make it too and saving energy very well to make growth in the future, and making innovations in the implementation of system technology in handling solutions to emissions control to zero in the world, I think this is very interested in all clients or customers to learn and knowledge about this, with the best innovation to save our greenhouse gas emissions we can reduce more than 30% of carbon emissions in the world, and bring a future of global electricity savings of 60%,I think this creates a solution to create market growth and increase value for the future.

Core Principles

The Bluenote Protocol will be a trusted decentralized foundation for recording, calculating, exchanging and verifying the impact of energy efficiency on buildings. The Bluenote protocol is built on five core principles:
• Open Access: Each project can upload data and gain access to the Bluenote Protocol and its ecosystem.
• Decentralized: Bluenote protocol is a method of categorizing and trading data between decentralized network nodes, not a single relational database or centralized server.
• Transparent: All shared data streams connected to the protocol can be accessed by all third party applications that will be used, together with each transaction or data usage.
• Confidential: To maintain confidentiality, all data streams are identified by a unique key that is only known to the owner and who is shared.
• Data has value: Participants can be rewarded with bluenote simply because they upload useful data to the protocol, with the amount of rewards depending on the type, quality, frequency, and demand for that data

The benefits of    saving  Bluenote energy for the future, and then reducing carbon emissions very well, growing the financial business in the future, making direct and continually controlling the savings that must be spent as well and getting the opportunity to build more profitable and developing ones. valuable for the future, making it very interested in all clients contributing to this platform with the best advantages.


It’s hard to get the right data to make the best decisions about energy efficiency in the building. Energy, operational, and value values ​​of building assets are rarely available. If yes, it is usually silenced in hardware and software product vendors, who face each other in expensive exclusive solutions. Without easy access to data, building owners and investors have difficulty proving how specific investments in building technology affect energy use and profits.

The solution

Bluenote  will pull this data stream from the building and standardize it through a distributed blockchain solution called the Bluenote Protocol. The Bluenote protocol is an open and confidential network that allows simple data sharing, data services, and building analysis to unlock new energy efficiency strategies in buildings. The software-based Bluenote protocol can be used both with new applications and with
energy technology that has been installed in buildings throughout the world.


Bluenote tokens are digital currencies compatible with ERC20, using smart contracts. which will be traded under the BNOW ticker. Buildings  and devices that integrate Bluenote Protocol and share data are valued in Bluenote tokens. Buildings can then buy and use Bluenote tokens to purchase energy efficiency analytics, from application developers using the Bluenote Protocol.

Token Name: Bluenote
Token symbol: BNOW
Supply of tokens: 12,500,000,000 BNOW
Tokens for sale: 6,250,000,000 BNOW
Platform: Ethereum
Tokensale: December 2018
End of Tokensale: January 2019
Price of token: CHF 0.01
Softcap: CHF 2,500,000
Privatesale limit: CHF 10,000,000
Public sales limit: CHF 10,000,000
Hardcap: CHF 20.000.000


Bluenote launched the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. This creates a decentralized ecosystem that allows building operators around the world to learn from each other how to waste less energy through distributed intelligence data.

For More Information About Bluenote, please visit the link below:


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