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The world is trying to reach equality. But if your country is rich in resources, it is a source of jealousy. Jealousy of economics, jealous of religion. Wealth is often formed in the hands of clans and flows into the movement of wealth among states. But even the states need each other, which means that both of us and the people we have decided to make decisions for us are also needed!

Projects like Ethereum can serve, and they will certainly serve as one of the best solutions for a new society ready to enter a new level of relationships not just in the field of finance. main. The algorithms placed in their base will help make the right decision for everyone on Earth in the future. People! Everyone should remember that a person lives on this earth. Only He has the right to participate in the distribution of the resources of this planet! And each one of you is that Person!

Blockchain technology is transforming traditional industries, like the energy sector, and it may be happening faster than the general public realizes. The Bluenote Protocol will utilize this technology to not only provide more trustworthy and secure energy data to its users, it will also enable everyone to use this data to develop better energy solutions. Effectively unlocking trillions in global real estate value and tackling the largest source of pollution in the world.

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About Bluenote

Global warming caused by carbon emissions is both humanity’s greatest challenge, as well as an enormous financial opportunity.

Buildings cause over 30% of the world’s carbon emissions, making them the largest singular source of carbon emissions because they consume about 60% of global electricity. More than 70% of all buildings were built before the first energy crisis in the 1970s, which creates an enormous market for improving their energy efficiency.

Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

Problem :

  1. Siloed Data. Building data is trapped in different vendors silos or sits unused.
  2. Data privacy. Data owners are concerned about exposing confidential data.
  3. Actionable Intelligence. Building operators don’t have the decision- making tools they need.
  4. Capturing Value. Buildings can’t calculate the financial benefit for their improvements because they can’t track their performance
  5. Lack of financial incentive. Energy efficiency and building operational data is not recognized for the value it provides.

Solution :

The Bluenote protocol is a unique, distributed data intelligence technology and economy that has a real world application.

  1. Decentralized Nodes. Buildings can easily connect data to their own nodes, rather than relying on a vendor’s ‘cloud.’
  2. Secure Access. Data owners can allow for secure access for data analytics through the protocol without exposing the raw data.
  3. Global Market for Analytics. The Bluenote community will enable a marketplace of data analytics and software services that can easily connect to data nodes.
  4. Verified Performance. Creates bright lines between carbon reductions and financial performance of assets.

    BNOW’s Initial Exchange Offering

    Bluenote has raised over $10 million among private investors and is now offering the general public the opportunity to support the project by purchasing its BNOW tokens. In the past year, many blockchain projects staged so-called public sales of tokens without a concurrent listing on a public exchange, increasing the likelihood of fraud and security problems.

    In a new approach to blockchain financing, Bluenote has opted to conduct its public sale through an exchange to ensure proper KYC procedures, maximum scalability, and security. This public sale on an exchange is referred to as an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) and will launch on a leading international cryptocurrency exchange in December.

    The Bluenote project is making available a maximum of $10 million in BNOW tokens to the general public in the IEO. Of the total amount of tokens, 50% will be made available to the public and an additional 20% is earmarked to reward to real estate properties and software developers for their participation in building the global Bluenote network. The Bluenote team, the early investors and advisors have a 24 month vesting schedule of their tokens.

    1. Bluenote tackles the largest polluter first

    Bluenote tackles the largest polluter first According to the United Nations, more than two thirds of the world’s population will live in cities by 2050. At present, office buildings in cities are the largest source of CO2 emissions, with all the consequences. Worldwide, buildings are estimated to be responsible for 33% of all CO2 emissions. By way of example, according to the New York Green Bank, commercial real estate accounts for 67% of all CO2 emissions in New York City1 .

    2. Commercial real estate is the low-hanging fruit of the energy world

    The real estate world is driven by traditional financial models, and technological advancements must conform to key industry drivers to for solutions to gain traction. Bluenote will accelerate the adoption of building energy technology upgrades by providing the transparency, trusted data and data analysis capabilities that support investment decisions in energy efficiency measures

    3. You cannot improve what you cannot measure

    As governments, companies and individuals around the world launch ambitious initiatives to reduce emissions from the power sector, real-time measurement and verification of those efforts has lagged behind. When measurement does occur, it often is part of an upfront estimate of costs and benefits, or after the fact through a lengthy, consultant-driven analysis. Now that we are seeing more granular and timely data on energy usage, we can use that data to: a) prove that an action or initiative has resulted in less energy used and less emissions than would have occurred otherwise while it is happening, and b) create confidence in measurements for emission reductions or societal values that can be trusted.

    4. More efficient buildings are more valuable buildings

    The long-term goal is to prove that the highest-performing energy buildings are also the most profitable form of real estate investment, leading to a shift in the market that drives emissions downward. A study done in collaboration between Deutsche Bank and the Rockefeller Foundation calculates that reducing just 30% of the electricity expenses borne by commercial buildings in the United States is worth $100 billion annually. The Bluenote Protocol will help unlock building asset value globally by creating the link between verified energy performance and financial returns.

    5. Blockchain offers the best way to make the Bluenote Protocol successful

    The Bluenote Protocol recognizes the simple fact that there is value in energy efficiency data. With a decentralized platform and independent governance, anyone is able to verify and value data and results, allowing for a new, global trust in energy efficiency.

    Conclude :

    Bluenote is launching the world’s first blockchain-based energy efficiency protocol. It creates a decentralized ecosystem which allows building operators around the world to learn from one another how to waste less energy through distributed data intelligence.

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