BLUENOTE-The World’s First Blockchain-Based Energy Efficiency Protocol. 


For a few years now, the world is tested with issues of environmental change which is up ’til now a present discourse on the table in nations of the world to deal with and this troubles is as eventual outcome of different carbon monoxide basically called CO2 and other destructive gases been depleted into nature which have affected lives the two animals, plants and moreover individuals thorough, outside lives impacted, environmental change have impact structure that have been raised, for instance, structures. Moreover the erection of these building in like manner involves the rate of environmental change in light of the way that most complex and tall structures building are been continued running with engines that filthy the earth in the midst of and in the wake of raising these structures.

These environmental change that plaque the world, the BLUENOTE uses the Blockchain advancement to deal with and lessen how the environmental change impact lives and property in these new portion. The BLUENOTE influence an answer on the issues with building information and how this information to can update the advancement of the budgetary issues of any nations.


The BLUENOTE is the essential world class Blockchain based vitality convention called the bluenote convention.

The Bluenote Protocol is an amazing convention that was made for information redistribution which helps building directors in the nations of the world to effectively utilize these information that have been examination to manage misuse less vitality allocation who are viably take an interest in developing area and enhancing the world a place for living .

The Bluenote Protocol that depended on the blockchain was all around masterminded and structure to amass, process and survey information in a redid decentralized method. The decentralized procedure empowers everyone to share this information which also have gainful motivating force through the Bluenote Token. Not in the slightest degree like associations that have benefits and offers, the bluenote does not have benefit or financial specialists because of the decentralized nature.

In what way will Bluenote quicken the reception of building vitality innovation?

The bluenote biological community is plan in such way to deal with support the gathering of building vitality advancement in a couple of various ways which is recorded underneath:

1. Straightforwardness of information

2. Confided in information

3. Information examination

For what reason do we have to make structures vitality capable and successful?

The BLUENOTE Protocol is setup to serve amass vitality to be logically proficient and convincing in the going with ways:

It will decrease vitality cost

It will to deliver interminable cost saving

It will make amassing continuously imperative and cherished

It makes an organic enhancement of our urban regions

The rate of carbon emanation into the air will reduce constant and inspire the chance to zero. which will enable drag to out lives

Why The Bluenote Protocol?

The overall system is growing rapidly and more than 2/3 of the people are moving to the enormous urban regions to search for greener field and self-amuse as shown by progressing report from the bound together nations which is imagine to happen constantly 2050. Since place of business are the greatest pledge to environmental change the BLUENOTE PROTOCOL uses the Blockchain advancement to enough and adequately handle the environmental change so lives can be obliged and with the help of decentralized biological community which will give every one chance to affirm and share regard information.

The BLUENOTE will achieve this conviction framework through the BLUENOTE token which can be used as portion mode for the regard information by using the Blockchain advancement which is decentralized which can’t be exchange off by any organization association.

Bluenote Token

THE BLUENOTE TOKEN is made under the Ethereum Smart Contract, the BLUENOTE TOKEN gives everyone the advantage to share building and devices information on the biological community and get compensated with the BLUENOTE TOKEN which can be traded on computerized cash trades and moreover this will engage building chairmen to buy and utilize the BLUENOTE TOKEN to buy more vitality effectiveness.

Token Symbol : BNOW

Total Supply : 12,500,000,000 Tokens

Tokens for Sale : 6,250,000,000 (50%)

Platform : Ethereum Token Issue : Immediately

starts after IEO Start / TBA

KYC : Document KYC IEO Token

IEO Token Price 1 BNOW = CHF 0.01

Public Sale Cap CHF 10,000,000

Public Sale Cap : CHF 10,000,000

Total Fundraising Goal : CHF 20,000,000

Accepted Currencies : BTC


December 2015 – Launch

Blue City Solutions (“Blue”), the global coalition that helps improve people’s lives by testing, sharing and implementing the best smart city solutions, officially launches at COP21 in Paris.

May 2016 – Discuss

Blue hosts an open innovation debate for stakeholders from the international energy world at the Blue Horizon event in Amsterdam, where commercial real estate is discussed as the largest singular source of carbon emissions in cities.

September 2016 – Focus

Blue initiates a project to develop a protocol that enables the global real estate market to track energy efficiency live: the Bluenote project.

February 2017 – Open

The Bluenote project team is formed with the goal to develop a protocol that powers an independent, decentralized economy that helps to optimize energy efficiency for commercial real estate around the world.

Fall 2018 – Share a token generation event

Everyone who passes the KYC process can participate in the Bluenote token investment pool and in the economics of Bluenote token performance. Bluenote tokens are based on the Ethereum blockchain ERC20 Token Standard.

2018 – Build realtime energy reporting

Bluenote will launch the world’s first open-data, real-time building performance protocol to benchmark and verify each building’s energy, emissions and financial data.


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