A cryptocurrency (or crypto currency) is a digital asset designed to work as a
medium of exchange that uses cryptography to secure its transactions, to control the
creation of additional units, and to verify the transfer of assets. Cryptocurrency
mainly uses decentralized control with all transactions recorded in a database called
Blockchain. The first decentralized cryptocurrency created was Bitcoin in 2009.
Since then, the crypto world has grown exponentially in the last couple years.
Massive adoption of blockchain technology cannot be evaded in the coming
years as cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly easier to access and own. There
are at least 1500 cryptocurrencies currently in the market. One of these is Blüpass.



What is Blüpass?

Blüpass is a marker based on ethereum, which allows multiple users to access their platforms designed to better connect with users, operators and consumers. Their platform places control in the hands of consumers to facilitate the transfer of data between operators and providers for electronic medical records, service requests, policies and certificates. insurance premiums and much more. They believe that supply chain technology, together with smart contracts, will significantly change insurance premiums and medical services. First, health care providers spend most of their time and profits on billing, medical records and medicines. The supplier may not have a complete picture of the financial responsibility of the consumer or the medical record. Secondly, operators try to limit the likelihood of fraud through lengthy and routine complaints procedures. This process can take up to 6 months in the current environment to require payment. Thirdly, consumers face uncertainty between suppliers and operators.

How will the Blüpass platform work?

Every user will receive a personal lodger, secured and accessible using a personal code or biometric identification. This ledger will contain their electronic health record (EHR), as well as provider and carrier coverage data. A system of checks will be in place to protect all information from tampering or theft, comparing it against sources connected to verified providers. The user will be able to share any of this information directly with medical service providers or insurance carriers, minimising inaccuracy or fraud.

Users will be able to set up special smart contracts with insurance companies. Specific items within each insurance policy will be identified as Portable Benefit Utilities (PBUs), which will be referred to during the claim process. Blüpass will feature a unique protocol that will coordinate between multiple smart contracts set up earlier (between the user and the insurance carrier(s) and the user and the medical service provider) to instantly and automatically execute any insurance claims that come up while paying for treatment and bill the patient for any costs in excess of the coverage. Blüpass tokens (BLU) will be used for all transactions, but the platform will be able to convert them seamlessly to fiat currency and back.

The platform will be open source and geared towards incorporating and facilitating access to various additional main platform and third party services. This includes subscriptions to Physicians’ Health Groups, telemedicine plug-in integration, optional extension of EHR access to EMTs in emergency situations and integrated data mining. It will eventually be possible to acquire vetted third party health apps on the BluMarket (to be launched in late 2019).

How will Blüpass work for everyone in the market?

Eliminating or minimising fraud and error will help all sides of the market, as will facilitating payments and the development and utilisation of innovative technologies such as telemedicine apps. An atmosphere of greater trust will make it easier and cheaper for both insurers and providers to do business, which should also lead to savings for their customers. Patients, providers and insurers alike should save a lot of time and money thanks to greater efficiency provided by blockchain technology. Also, relying on Blüpass will be much more straightforward and less confusing for clients than the present, opaque system with its complicated and error-prone paperwork. Ultimately, of course, the greatest benefit of all will be derived by patients who will receive superior insurance coverage and medical treatment.

Blüpass itself will draw revenue by providing paid services to all sides of the markets (developing contracts with carriers, fronting claim funds to providers and selling competitive rate funds to ordinary users) and by collecting processing fees (whether from customers themselves or from employers or insurance carriers) from various transactions done through their HRaspirin claims reconciliation software. It will also continue selling BLU tokens.

The main advantages of Blüpass

The team behind the platform combines the expertise of veterans of the cryptoindustry and a company with a six years’ track record in the field of health insurance reconciliation. It is thus closely familiar with the problems and the opportunities of both areas; also, it already has a working product and an established company behind it. Blockchain technology is an obvious fit for dealing with problems of complex monetary transfers and trust. Blüpass also benefits from its research of the latest innovations in healthcare, such as telemedicine.

As for the platform itself, it stands to solve many critical problems in a large yet troubled industry, with plenty of room for expansion. What is more, a lot of those issues (paperwork, mistakes, fear of fraud or identity theft, confusing or inconvenient payments) are very familiar and frustrating to ordinary consumers, who are among their key prospective clients. The platform is designed to accommodate the previously mentioned expected growth by being open source and easily scalable, with the potential to integrate many cutting edge inventions that would synergise well with its core functionality of storing and confirming information.

Token sale details

The Blüpass utility token (BLU) sale is still ongoing.





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