Blüpass–Revolutionizing Access to Data, Healthcare, and Claims Processing for Everyone

Hello friends, I am Olagoke Gbade. Just as my usual practice of bringing great and valuable information to your way, today’s own will not be less as I have decided to give you information about this Revolutionizing Access to Data, Healthcare, and Claims Processing for Everyone called “Blüpass.” Please seat back and relax your nerves as you read through. Also, I encourage you not to just read but as well take important step by be a part of this great innovation.

What is Blüpass?

Blüpass is a Wthereum-based token that allows multiple users to access their platforms designed to better connect with users, operators, and consumers. Their platform places controls in the hands of consumers to facilitate data transfer between carriers and suppliers for electronic health records, service requests, policies, and certifications. insurance fees, and more. They believe that chain-of-custody technology along with smart contracts will significantly alter insurance premiums and health care services. First, healthcare providers spend most of their time and earnings on billing, medical records, and medications. The supplier may not have a complete picture of the consumer’s financial responsibility or medical record. Second, operators try to limit the likelihood of fraud through long and manual complaint procedures. This process can take up to 6 months in the current environment to claim payment. Third, consumers are caught in the uncertainty between suppliers and operators.

All BLU token codes will be available for purchase along with ETH. The price of each basic token will be set at $ 0.25 for Blüpass to generate 6 billion BLU. Consumers outside the vendor’s network of choice will buy BLU to access their system. The carrier contract will purchase a BLU to facilitate complaints through the Blupass system. Once used, the token code can be reused. Operators can maintain for an unlimited time or sell their tokens to the system. Keep unlimited or resell token code in the system.

Foundations found:

  • Blüpass is a utility-based ERC-20 token that allows multiple users to access platforms designed to better connect with providers, operators, and consumers.
  • Their platform places controls in the hands of consumers to facilitate data transmission between providers and carriers for electronic health records, claims services, and more.
  • They believe that the support of chain of drugstore technology along with smart contracts will significantly alter insurance and health care services.


The Blüpass private list uses smart contracts that facilitate immediate complaints of fraud and consumer control throughout the health care process. Global insurance market accounts for $ 7 trillion. Because of their platform, Blüpass has a very important advantage. They save time and money. Basically they want to change the dynamics between suppliers, consumers and shipping.


  • They use a consumer-centric platform that allows consumers to control time and provide medical records and complaints.
  • Operators and insurance
  • Insurance claims will be made by insurance provider in the event of a minimum decline. They will also be separated into fraud cases.
  • Carrier bills are paid in minutes instead of months! Suppliers will reduce their payment costs and save money.
  • Current market:
  • The BlüPass Market will provide connectivity solutions for third-party applications. Electronic solutions are envisioned as Telemedicine, Electronic Medical Records and other innovative ideas will flourish.

What is the problem that must be resolved by blüpass?

  • The company believes that the health care industry has a big problem and believes it will also solve itself. The problem is that the entire health care system is too easily damaged and not connected properly. Consumers and doctors who regularly avoid complaints about fraud in health care and insurance are unchanged.
  • Blüpass believes that data integration is the answer to this. If all these people and companies use a single system, they can act faster and can see information with greater certainty and speed.
  • Therefore, Blüpass’s mixed solution is the creation of multiple layers of block technology that can bring this health care information together and enable the people involved to see it.
  • The company believes that block chain technology will also help deceive because interested third parties will have access to information and significantly reduce waiting time. In addition, it can make insurance services cheaper because it will definitely reduce their costs and also become more manageable.
  • Blüpass believes that this can save companies up to $ 350 million per year and that quirks are not a small amount.
  • Platform untuk Blüpass Healthcare Blade Technology Solutions
  • The solution provided by the company is the Blüpass building platform. The platform is built on enterprise blockbuster technology, not an existing blockchain. Companies and users can access the system and benefit from it.
  • Some of the advantages that the company promises that users will use the Blupass platform to: verify an immediate appeal request, to minimize errors in files, anti-fraud, and vendors will Pay bills faster than ever and dedicate space to third-party apps.


Details about BLUpass BLU ICO:

Blüpass on ICO has been ongoing and is being sold in advance, scheduled to end on May 15th. This token will be used to access all features of the Blüpass platform. You can only buy token code with ETH and each of them will have a value of $ 0.25. If you buy more than one token will be appreciated. Buy on ETH 5 You will receive an additional 20% of the token code.

Blupass evaluation and analysis

  • You can read the Bluepass review and objective reviews below:
  • Power
  • The team is experienced and well connected
  • High cost billing, medical data processing and data security issues are all issues that need to be solved.
  • Business models use strong token codes.
  • The global market target is huge and there is room for innovation. Potential requires attention
  • ICO is greatly appreciated at this stage with $ 1.5 billion.
  • Software development experience and block chains can represent team strength to weigh project complexity.
  • The Facebook community is larger than other social media platforms used in causing alleged potential sites.
  • Partners are not publicly listed.

Detail ICO

  • Start Time: 15/05/2018 (12:00 AM CST)
  • Closing date: 15/07/2018 (11:59 PM CST)
  • Accept payments via ETH
  • Total code to provide: 6 billion
  • Minimum: $ 3 million
  • Number of tokens for each sale: 500 million BLU, with 150 million for pre-sales and 350 million for official ICO.
  • Token Transaction Ratio: 1 ETH = 4000 BLU
  • The smallest deals are: 1 ETH
  • ERC-20 platform code token
  • Maximum: $ 30 million

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