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Blüpass –Uncle Roy’s decision and talented team development that seeks to maintain control over the consumer, facilitating the transfer of data for electronic health records, service requests, inspections, and more. The blockchain technology supported by Smart-contracts, cardinal int insurance and provision of health services. In Blüpass used Smart contract to facilitate instant Pets, the prevention of monet and consumer control over the healthcare process. Blüpass has an important advantage in the str market: economy of time and money.
Blüpass uses Orient to the client’s mobile platform which allows you to control the consumer time and provide medication documentation to meet the requirements. Account factor in paid to sit of minutes, not months! Supplier ND can reduce costs and save money. The strike will be immediately to your claims with mention okay. They will also be nolan of cases from monet.
Blüpass market prostate Mont solutions for storage applications, will appear solutions such as telemedicine, electronic medical records and other innovation ideas. All BLU tokens are available for purchase with ETH. The base price of the token is set to $ 0.25 USD.
Blüpass generated Token 6 billion (BLU). Consumers outside of our network buy a (blue) token to access our system. Carrier – contracts for the purchase of Blues, in order to facilitate their rights on Blupass system. Onced used, the token can be reused. Carrier can save your tokens for an indefinite period or you will go back to selling the system. The worm is not much about the ICO project, is the inner marker blue pre-ICO start
15 March 2018
14 may 2018

ICO Home Sale

ICO Start
May 15, 2018
The end of ICO
15 July 2018

Review and analysis of the Blupass
Here you can read our objective review and analysis of the Blupass.
Experienced network commands
High overhead, data processing, and data security issues are all Pressing issues that need to be addressed
The business model has a strong use case for tokens
The global target market is large and has room for new innovation
Potential problem
High evaluation phase of the ICO, $ 1.5 billion
The software and blockchain development experience can be more strongly represented in the team taking into account the complexity of the project
Facebook the Size of the community compared to other social media platforms are used raise suspicion of the potential use of the bot
There are no publicly listed partners.Blüpass Platform
Blockchain registers of immediate data delivery in the world of healthcare
Blüpass will build ofâ multilayer blockchain to accommodate existing and new healthcare technologies. We will use our unique blockchain registers to provide immediate data to the claims service while providing technical support to eliminate fraud for carriers. The insurance market in the world is $7 trillion. Thanks to blockchain technology, Blüpass has a significant advantage. We save time and money. System Blüpass in the US could lead to savings of more than $350 billion a year. We will fundamentally change the dynamics between providers, consumers and carriers.Interaction between consumers, suppliers and insurers is disrupted in the health care system.
Blüpass Hoe dit op te los? Blüpass Sal gebruik smart contracts op te los, ondoeltreffendheid Chicks verskaffers en draers. Annex plaas of verbruiker in beheer van die deel van data connection the administrator of the king van. Annex Sal ook Sam met EN derde-party oplossings in the electronic medical record(Elektroniese Mediese records)left and right wing Bestuur te skakel, Michael’s bedside van die stelsel.

The cave is tegnologie agter dit? Blüpass gebruik revenge platform te genereer like twee tips range of smart contracts. Blüpass is a basket Vann unieke protokol hole bepalend is vir interaksie verskeie smart contracts, Chicks. Blüpass BLU tekens in gebruik sy digital grootboek. Furniture on the spacious room Inge vir Draers,Diensverskaffers, connection notifications the user of the word gehandhaaf in blue tekens in versprei grootboeke.

The cave is across the agter Blüpass? Annex visie vereis samewerking Tucson sector-wide poetry Kaffir, verbruikers,tegnologie,draers en vers group spesialiste. Blüpass bestaan van, the clamping Ryder hole gewerk het in the al like you will agtergronde.

Hoe dit tot voordeel van die verbruiker? Tension houses houers Sal’n unieke toegang tot Blüpass stelsel. Verbruikers Kan verleen toegang tot gesondheid recorded in reële Cao a Deere klinici en verskaffers. Hulle kan ook Alex verskaffers, draers, connected products.Consumer
Patients enter suppliers in the delusion that their provider and insurer to communicate freely. Patients face reality, their experience in the doctor’s office is far from complete. They can betaal-n-surcharge on the window, but will leave some one fact, incomprehensible bill will come by mail.
Healthcare providers are often torn between wanting to serve their community and supporting the finances of a tortured business model. Administrative tensions and pressures are forcing suppliers to compensate for ever-increasing price structures. Administrative costs in the United States are projected to reach $ 315 billion in 2018.real solution
We are unique in the world of ICO. We are a real company with real products and solutions. Blüpass product is born from innovation. We will change the shortcomings in the health sector and turn it into a consumer-oriented, egalitarian model.
Industry Knows How.
Project team Снимок7788.PNG
Blüpass has the best team in the industry. They are practice leaders with many years of experience and specialized experts in the field of blockchain with the experience of successful Blockchain projects.
Secure Book
Blüpass will build an open source platform that is designed to solve problems. We believe that the best solutions are derived from different actors in synchronization with a common goal. This is a really cool project and this project is able to really bring changes to our lives. More information about the project can be found at :
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