BM Tokens: Economy Drivers for Bitcomo Platform

Bitcomo has introduced a decentralized marketing platform for the businesses to run their online ad campaigns with complete security on genuine ad traffic, eliminating the need of middlemen or bigger advertisement companies. The better analysis tools offered by Bitcomo help the retailers to analyze the data gathered from customers’ web use. The innovative business model provides the opportunity of presenting customized offers to targeted audience, increasing impact of ads while cutting off extra expenses. The idea enables the businesses to have complete guarantee compared to all existing traditional marketing networks. Another attribute of the system is the CPA network which means that you have to pay for ads only when you see the results. Publishers are paid for their performances they make for their marketing efforts in the form of internal tokens known as BM tokens. This concept builds maximum confidence between all components of the system.

To get background information on the technical aspects of the platform’s workability, architecture and prospect, download ‘White Paper’ at
The platform works on DAO technology which is focused on smart contracts and value rather than people and roles. This ensures and enhances flexibility and agility which in turn increases significantly and promotes innovation. The illustration that follows describes the process better.

You will agree with me that the developers of the platform cannot achieve this mammoth projects outlined single-handedly, thus issuing ICO. The token that will be use in the platform is the BM tokens. It will be issued as a standard ERC-20 and gives holders of the token access to the programs and activities of the platform as well as other crypto currencies. 170, 000, 000 BM tokens are in total supply with a propose amount of about 51, 000, 000 USD, approximately. 1 BM tokens is issued at $0, 30.Pre-ICO started on 28th October, 2017 and will run till 1st December, 2017. During this Pre-ICO season, 27, 200, 00 BM tokens will be issued out and 8, 160, 000 USD is the developers forecast of presales. ICO proper takes effects from 16th January, 2017 to 16th February, 2017. The sketch below shows how fund raised will be distributed at the end of the campaign. To get more about Pre-sale and ICO, click on

886336.36 BM tokens have been raised already worth $4, 080, 000 approximately. To get the BM tokens, navigate to ‘Join ICO’ on Pre-ICO is Live now! I just got my own BM tokens right away. Join the confederacy of 21st century thinkers.

The team behind the Bitcomo platform includes but not limited to Ivan Karadzhou (Co-founder of Bitcomo/CEO of AdPop), Nick Evdokimov (Blockchain Advisor/CEO and, Alex Grus (CMO of Bitcomo), Lavrentios Penkilidis (Head of Public Relations), Alina Agheluta (LATAM and EU markets manager), Ekaterina Kozhina (US and Pacific market manager), Tuan Anh (Southeast Asia markets manager), Alina Yakubenko (CIS market manager), Artem Kravchenko (Event Director), Roman Dubina (Bitcomo platform developer), Elena Merkulova (CIS market manager), Alexandra Eltysheva (Head of publishing department), Liliya Fatyakhdinova (Finance Manger) and Pattaraporn Rakkanngan ( USA and Asia markets Manager).

Bitcomo is a community driven-platform, thus to connect with other participants of the platform, log on to;

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