The XPhone prototype has experienced numerous enhancements since it left a mark of history with the first blockchain telephone call last October. The team has taken different criticism from the different occasions where they exhibited and showed the model and from consequently, made changes to its plan, including new highlights and making it crazy and giving the clients to have the adaptability and flexibility to construct.

The team also came into a huge change in the name so as to better provide services to the people. The device also enables individuals to partake, o work and build, to use with a progressively secure, increasingly transparent and progressively consistent advanced understanding.

BOB (XPhone)

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BOB will almost certainly consistently switch between Android mode and blockchain mode at the snap of a catch. In Android mode, one can rely on BOB the manner in which we use cell phones today, running on Android 9.0.

All data sent through BOB will be executed in the Function X blockchain. Client will be able to send instant messages or make call through BOB, that message or call will be transmitted through different activities executed on the blockchain, instead of through a centralized mobile carrier. This gives clients unlimited oversight and responsibility over their own data. This is made conceivable through its own OS called f(x), which will be introduced in each BOB unit. The innovation inside this OS ensures that each activity done on the telephone is decentralized, which makes BOB the first genuinely blockchain-controlled telephone on the planet.

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Besides, every unit of BOB will work as a node on the Function X blockchain. This offers BOB proprietors the chance to add to the development and advancement of the Function X ecosystem, and so far as that is concerned the proliferation of blockchain innovation itself, bringing it standard with expanded utilization of blockchain now truly in their grip.

Customized design with infinite use cases

With another name comes another design. Roused by our preferred exemplary classic sci-fi movies and comic books, BOB’s plan mixes both retro and advanced components. This speaks to both the great cell phone idea and the really progressive innovation controlling BOB.

The BOB also come with a MOD Assembly kit, with this users will be able to customize how their BOB looks like and users will have a complete and total control over both phone and data.

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While we’re pleased with this structure, we realize that you have different ideas at the top of the priority list on how you need your BOB to look. Every unit of BOB will in this way accompany a MOD Assembly Kit, which not just implies that you’ll be building your own unit, yet that you’ll likewise have the option to redo how your BOB looks. You will have full oversight over your information as well as your telephone’s look.

This adaptability in configuration additionally reaches out to BOB’s interior innovation. When we begin taking off BOB, the f(x)OS and BOB hardware will be distributed as open-source for everybody to assemble and iterate with. This strengthens our central goal of making blockchain progressively open to everybody by allowing clients the chance to fabricate their own utilization cases out of the f(x) OS.


In light of these, we’d like to welcome the innovative individuals from our locale to present their very own BOB structures. With the adaptability and flexibility given by the MOD Assembly Kit, clients can apply their very own feel to their BOB unit and even include more parts and embellishments through 3D printing.

The team would likewise convey MOD Assembly Kit to fortunate client who have design thoughts for BOB. And will be put up for voting by the community and the highest-voted designs will be produced and distributed.

Bold modern lifestyle

As the world’s first really decentralized mobile phone, we trust BOB speaks to the following advancement of the cell phone, and a significant improvement or achievement in the development of the Internet itself. The case isn’t only for making cell phones all the more dominant or progressively stacked with unique features. By taking it to the blockchain, we are likewise making a progressively sheltered, secure, easy to understand and by and large new versatile and information experience — one that will recharge and renew individuals’ confidence in the Internet.

The team has future announcement in the development of BOB and can be followed and read on the official Function X website at

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