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  Health is the main thing that is in the life of every person. And what can improve health? Of course, sports, proper nutrition and an active lifestyle. But, every person in sports, sooner or later, faces the question: how to find motivation for yourself? In fact, find time, desire, and most importantly – motivation is extremely difficult. It is for this reason that I decided to talk about the innovative project Boltt coin, which will turn the general view for everyone. 

What is Boltt coin 

Boltt coin is an innovative platform that is based on blocking technology and opens up excellent conditions for every user. Inside the platform, a special community of all participants will be created, where the state of health and various indicators will be monitored, thanks to which it will be possible to maintain your body in perfect form. 

The essence of the project is as follows: a person agrees to send data on the state of their health and the body as a whole. In exchange, he will receive a monetary reward. Can you imagine how cool this is? You can keep your body toned and get paid for it! And it is for this reason that I decided to talk more about this project. 

I will note! BolttCoin is a source of income that ensures a balanced economy of an advantageous ecosystem between buyers and sellers that meet the general requirements of the platform. 

How it works 

There are two subjects that can be actively involved in the project: 

  1. Users who agreed to give their health testimony. 
  2. Those who track health indicators (buyers). 

I note that you can even bet. That is, we can say that one of the users will be able to lose some weight, and get a good profit for this. 

Why work with this platform? 

I’ll tell from the average user who will use this platform: 

  1. sending results about your health, you can get good money; 
  2. each person will be able to get a detailed program for training. Imagine, for you will still do everything. As a rule, the training program costs a lot of money, but here it is provided completely free of charge and for each user; 
  3. provides full technical support to everyone who decides to participate; 
  4. provides round the clock support in any situation. That is, if you have questions or certain difficulties in the course of classes or use of the platform, you can contact the consultants who will help you understand all the possible subtleties. 

Mobile app 

In addition, Boltt coin has developed a fairly convenient and practical mobile application. It can be called the key one, because it helps to simplify the work with the platform and creates comfortable conditions for each user.  


  1. Token – BOLTT 
  2. It is accepted to purchase-BTC, LTC BCH, DASH ETH XMR, ZEC, DOGE, XRP WAVES and Fiat (USD, EUR) 
  3. Released 500 million BOLTT 
  4. Exchange rate 1 ETH 4000 BOLTT, 1 BTC 70 000 BOLTT 
  5. Minimum investment 1 BTC ETH LTC 

The project team 

 At the moment the project team consists of experienced employees who know how to conduct their business and are able to solve almost any problems. And you should understand that the team has been going for a long time, so we can say with all certainty that the Boltt project will be brought to its logical conclusion and will be pleasantly surprised.   

In the next photo you can see all the participants of this team and understand what goals they set for themselves:  


Boltt is an interesting project that brings a useful idea to people, and investors are discovering completely new opportunities for investing their money. And I also note that the project is doomed to success, because during the implementation of the system, which proved to be effective in practice, new approaches will also be applied, because we are already talking about the technology of blockades, which is one of the most promising at the moment. In addition, there is an experienced team, a competent idea and a developed concept.  

Additional information about the company: 

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