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What is CryptoBnB?
Blockchain has given the world what it needed most- security and transparency. Given these specifications, there have been many start-ups aiming to build a marketplace on the blockchain. CryptoBnB is developing an online hospitality marketplace for short term rental services. The platform is aimed to improve the existing short-term rental service thus, providing a better experience to travellers.
Short term rental is almost worth a 50 Billion of the Hotel Industry today, and with no doubt, the number has been growing. CryptoBnB is aiming to capture this short term rental market by combining ‘AirBnB’ and HomeAway with the blockchain thus giving a technical boost to these existing platform.
Weakness of the existing market
CryptoBnB team believes centralization to be the biggest drawback of the short-term rental service, due to which the people hosting different centralized platforms have higher expenditure and thus have to charge higher fees from their user. A higher fee means that there would be a limited customer base.
One of the most prevailing backdraw of centralized systems is fake rating and reviews. Millions of people fall prey to fake ratings and reviews and end up wasting their money on something useless or completely loosing it in the end. The decentralization of these platform makes sure that everyone knows who reviewed a place and whether the person was an actual tenant at the place.
With their past experience at AirBnB the team is sure that most of the trouble faced by existing short-term rental platforms is due to centralization so now the team is set to decentralize their existing platforms
Features of CryptoBnB
Apart from being built on the blockchain which gives the platform a smart-contract security and fool proofing, the platform uses AI to perfectly match the potentially best rental services with the customers based on their behaviour and previous choices on the platform. The platform charges a minimal transaction fees so the tenants can get a place within their accommodation budgets.
Apart from providing benefits to the tenants, the platform could act as a means of secondary income to those people who would like to share some part of their residence and get in travellers in exchange for a payment. This could be a good secondary work to housewives or young people looking for work.
Just like the pre-existing platforms, CryptoBnB is hosted as a web as well as mobile application. While on the fore-ground, the platform will look pretty similar to regular ones but the AI-powered search engine and the blockchain encryption and security are what will make CryptoBnB platform unique and better than the rest.
Given the current scenario, unlike years ago when it was considered ‘bad’ to stay at a stranger’s house at a strange place, the young generation and tourists prefer staying in residences with regular native people and have a look at the real lives of the residents of a place.

The short-term rental service market is undoubtedly blooming and now is one of the best times to get a technological advantage in the market. Being one of the first platforms of its kind, the CryptoBnB platform, if developed properly, could have a great impact on the existing market. The CryptoBnB platform will be everything like the pre-existing platforms and more.
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