BOTTOS – A Decentralized AI Data Sharing Network

Intelligence; not only human, but artificial (thus demonstrated by machines) is running at an extremely fast pace. Technological revolutions are here to make our lives easier and even if we do not always understand what AI is, or how it works, it is everywhere around us. From understanding voice commands on our smartphone, to our car sensing how close we come to an object while parking, there are many cases that Artificial Intelligence serves millions of people daily.

In the era of digital transformation, data-driven industry leaders are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) for the future of small and big data management and analysis. In many ways, AI powers digital innovation. AI’s cognitive capabilities and machine learning thrive on massive volumes of data, which become scalable and instantly accessible in a cloud environment. AI gives company on the cloud unprecedented data access, makes smarter decisions and cuts cost. With this in mind let take a deep look into a revolutionary platform Bettos a platform which is the future for the crypto industry and the community at large.


Bottos is a decentralized infrastructure that focuses on artificial intelligence. It is designed to be a consensus based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and synergetic one-stop platform for data, AI models, computing power, and storage capabilities through data mining and smart contracts. Bottos has a bottom-level public Blockchain specially designed on the basis of data characteristics as well as a platform for data circulation among different participants within a broad-based AI ecosystem

Today, data for fueling these technologies is an underground war between tech titans that occurs in stealth mode under the veil of free application services. When we are using Google search, or using our Android smartphones, shopping online on Amazon our user activity is tracked, monetized and sold for future digital advertising. Bottos ushers in the future of data which eliminates middlemen and involves an open peer-to-peer data sharing economy. To achieve this, Bottos will incentivize users to share high-quality data, a process referred to as data mining, and through its pre-set data pricing models, availing the data to interested parties.

Bottos promotes user privacy by giving them 100% authority over their data. The use of blockchain technology as a protocol for encrypting data enables innovative decentralized tamper proof data storage and further ensures data security in transmission

Overall this reduces the trust cost of sharing that data and to facilitate the large scale collaboration of data. Data is associated with an unforgeable digital signature.

Bottos, dedicated to building a new AI ecosystem, may let every data contributor take control of their data and avoid inappropriate use of it by third parties. How Bottos does it:

Who contributes with data and who benefits: Bottos, as a public chain artificial intelligence service, will attract new entrepreneurs who are looking to apply the artificial intelligence industry to deploy DApps (decentralized applications). Each user can use the DApp as a data provider to enjoy the corresponding Token incentives, while all data will be stored on the Bottos public chain, and cannot be changed, together with the contributor information.

With data exchange, data contributors have revenues: Many DApps will be deployed in the Bottos public chain in the near future. When different parties expect to obtain data from a DApp, they will need to pay a certain amount of Token, while the data contributors can decide whether to provide them with their own data, thus benefiting from them.

Data revenue contribution, promotion of algorithm iteration, improvement of machine intelligence: In the ecosystem built by Bottos, people will be increasingly willing to contribute with high-quality data that promotes the iterative process of artificial intelligence algorithms, thereby promoting the“intellectual development” of artificial intelligence. This way, humans spend more time on creative things, and less time on mechanical, repetitive work.

Bottos Ecosystem

The use of blockchain technology is the glue that facilitates everything in the Bottos AI ecosystem. Smart contracts facilitate everything in a trustless manner from the submission and reward of high-quality data to data storage and request of access to this data. At its core, the Bottos public chain is designed for artificial intelligence. With four main features:

Data sharing across a decentralized network

AI products/Dapps

Credibility system through data and model tracking

Tamper-proof data and model register embedded in decentralized data marketplace


The hardware component of the Bottos ecosystem will play a number of important roles:

With IoT and robots serving as ‘intelligent hardware’ through mining

Acceleration of creation of advanced robots through a ‘universal robot ledger’ on the main chain, for registration and management of robots. Only the most advanced and working robots which have passed safety standards certification can qualify for this.

To achieve this, Bottos will create a top-down robotics ecosystem from crowdfunding robotics startups, enabling startups to grow through plugging in the Bottos ecosystem to obtain valuable data and also creating valuable open source models and so on.


Bottos is not just an artificial intelligence Blockchain, the use cases go far beyond that minimalistic view. Services to facilitate the circulation of data, storage and computing power, and AI models are what really sets us apart from any competition.

• Data Marketplace

We have designed a new model for data collection and mining, a way to secure data ownership while allowing those that need the specialized data to access it in a decentralized manner.

You keep ownership of your data while allowing AI projects to develop their products in a cheaper, more secure way.

• Storage and Computing Sharing Network

The Bottos platform was designed to facilitate the decentralized data storage and computing power network.

This will be realized through incentives to help maintain the network and allow projects to get their products working better and faster.

• Model Marketplace

Once an AI company uses the Bottos ecosystem to create, they can register and publish their algorithm models to the Model Marketplace for a set price.

Any user can then purchase the algorithm models with tokens via API calls.


Data storage: Data is the driving force behind the development of artificial intelligence, and the reliability, privacy and security of data storage are the core elements. To achieve this goal, Bottos has technically designed these features:

Set two type of nodes, the block node and the storage node. The storage node needs to pledge a certain number of tokens before providing the service to constrain its behavior and be responsible for the stored data.

Provides an optional service level for Multiple Backups. For data with higher security requirements, users can choose to back up the data multiple times (of course, additional fees are required);

Adopt intelligent fragmentation technology to divide the user’s complete data into multiple pieces, and key piecemeal information is wound up. Only the owner can open and re-group information and recover data. In this way, even if someone maliciously obtains a single piece of data, it cannot be opened, ensuring that the user data is safe even if it leaks.

Secure storage. After the user data is sliced, it is stored in a different storage node. Since these nodes are distributed in different locations around the world, it avoids the accidental loss of all data when all the storage is in one place, and achieves the effect of remote disaster recovery.

Bottos wallet


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