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Gambling is a public health problem. It is estimated that around 5% of all adults have symptoms of gambling problems. Nervous state, as measured by the player’s problem, compared to the nerve state caused by cocaine addiction.

In particular, the problem of players having problems with impulsivity in making the right gambling decisions. It has been proven that lottery gambling has a procurement scheme that is consistent with addiction. In fact, research has shown that up to 15% of lottery players have symptoms of gambling problems. 

What people need in the world is social “involvement”, which gives all participants the opportunity to create and manage risks and the conditions they control, if they prefer to engage in behaviors such as gambling.

Bouncy Coin will stop pushing cash into the state lottery, offering to participate in social networks, where participants can win a small amount of cryptocurrency and / or prizes, and where they make and control opportunities from their participation. 

BouncyCoin represents the world of gambling for Blockchain technology. 

The main effect of this is the slope of opportunities from traditional casinos and game houses and the return even with all players. Technology and applications will be licensed to companies that do business with their potential customer base. 

This changes the legal landscape for BouncyCoin and allows them to work in the gambling business without the need for a gambling license.

BouncyCoin intends to become a supplier of technology standards and new game applications for casinos and gambling throughout the world, creating unlimited space for company growth. 

BouncyCoin intends to completely repeat the main application for gambling, providing flexibility in games where users control various variables. 

This, plus BouncyCoin, creates universal trust and transparency, using the Ethereum Blockchain as the basis for applications and information gathering. 

Product details – Features and benefits. 

Blockchain Stacking Technology. 

Why is blockchain? We use Blockchain for universal trust and transparency. First we will write the Solidity contract to generate random numbers and related logic.

This source code will be published on GitHub for public verification and will allow each party to verify and conclude that the logic of our random number is 100% valid. 

In addition, because our contracts are in a block chain, other developers will be able to name the same contract in their proposal with the correct access control. We plan to write contracts for networks other than Ethereum. 

Random Number Generation

Our RNG algorithm does not use external oracle. We are testing the Commit-Express and RANDAO approaches, which will be published for review. 

Off-circuit component.

The client game module is completely separated from the blockchain and communicates with Blockchain via the bridge API that we installed. Our MVP is written in Unity 3D, which speaks to the Javascript API, which then talks about our contract for solidity in Blockchain Ethereum. 

Open source question. 

BouncyCoin offers the US Patent Utility in 2017 for the MVP aspects mentioned here. Therefore, Bouncy Coin will only disclose our Solidity source code, which does not apply to our patents. 

We do this because if we are granted a patent by the USPTO, we can support it, but only if we have not opened an application source for this patent.

BouncyCoin will open the source of all software that we do not directly related to the patent that we hold or plan to apply. 

Large data analysis / machine learning (AI). 

Swinging coins will be awarded a contract by the Ethereum Blockchain and transactions from users participating in the BouncyCoin game. This will enable us to make better predictive models so that our customers can maximize their income. 

We will attract AI experts as soon as the ICO will write a program to help players make more effective investment decisions in real time. 

How does it work? 

After launching the demonstration:

  • Zoom in using the mouse wheel.
  • Place a bet on the grid by clicking once to place it and confirming twice.
  • Rotate the scene by pressing the right mouse button.
  • Change the size of the table by clicking the drop-down menu located on the left side of the table.
  • Players send bets and enter virtual queues.
  • Rates are made in ETH or Bouncy tokens.
  • If the queue is not full, the game will never be played.
  • If the queue is full, the game is played.
  • Queue size = the maximum amount that a player can win.

Everyone can win. “House” wins!

  • Win or lose, “home” makes money.
  • Player wins.
  • When a player wins, a small fee is deducted from the win. The token holder wins.
  • Fees apply to all Bouncy token holders.
  • They are given incentives to buy and hold Bouncy tokens because they will pay dividends every time a player wins.
Token sales.
Bouncy Token will function as a BouncyCoin entry fee and as a dividend end point for the same token owner. At this time we will also allow users to play games with ETH.
In casino partner scenarios, casinos earn money when players lose and win players. When a player wins a match, a small commission wins. This card is distributed to all Bouncy token holders.
Tokens pay dividends every time each player wins, even though this dividend is not paid immediately. Every time a fee is charged, it will be collected and distributed periodically by our smart contract. This frequency distribution will be set.
ICO distribution.
A total of 100 million bonus tokens will be released.
  • 10% = (10 M Bouncy) – Before selling ICO.
  • 70% = (70 M Bouncy) – ICO sales.
  • 5% = (5M Bouncy) – advisor.
  • 5% = (5 M Bouncy) – Program Bounty.
  • 10% = (10 M Bouncy) – Coin Company and Bouncy Employees.
  • 10M Tokens will be offered in Pre-ICO.
  • Minimum deposit for preliminary ICO: 5 ETH (around 2500 EUR / 2900 USD).
  • Price to ICO = 0,0001 (1 ETH = 10000 Bouncy).
  • Maximum amount: 1000 ETH (around 580 thousand US dollars).
70M will now be offered at the ICO.
Minimum deposit for ICO: 0.1 ETH (around 50 EUR / 58 USD).
Two price levels.
First level
The first 20 meter token for sale:
  • Price = 0.0002 (1 ETH = 5000 Bouncy).
  • Maximum number: 4000 ETH (around $ 2.3 million).
Second level.
The following 50M token is sold:
  • Price = 0,00025 (1 ETH = 4000 Bouncy)
  • The maximum amount collected: 12,500 ETH (around $ 7.25 million).
Tokens that are not sold during the ICO will be burned.
Token Distribution.
BouncyCoin collaborates with PlayMex Studios for brands and makes new skins from BouncyCoin for the Mexican market. PlayMex Studios and BouncyCoin also collaborate to create new games.
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