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Good evening, dear readers. Today I will tell you about a unique project. Surely not everyone will agree with me, but one way or another, a person throughout its existence is committed to luxury and wealth. Of course with any rule there are exceptions, but in any case, people are happy to be in a rich and beautiful setting frills.

Naturally, nothing has changed over time and this love still makes itself felt. In a sense, now this feeling is even stronger and more conscious. After all, in our time, very much appreciated the ancient relics and artifacts, the cost of which can greatly exceed the six-digit amount! For examples do not need to go far: retro cars, paintings by famous artists, all kinds of sculptures, rare coins, a variety of wines with hundreds of years of aging and much, much more.
Only a select few have access to such luxury items. The average man in the street is simply not available. And even in such circumstances, such items are a very long and difficult way to its rightholder. Likely many heard as on various auctions with hammer go very rare and expensive things. Maybe I’m someone now open secret, but in order for the winner of the auction received his lot, he needs to go through seven circles of hell and paperwork. You need to pass authentication, insurance and many other related procedures to ensure that everything is within the law of a country.

Agree that the path to the lot is very thorny, and also very expensive. At each stage of registration of the lot, you will have to somehow pay experts on each individual issue. What do we have in the end? A lot of lost time and money! In addition, we should not forget that wherever there are large amounts of money, there are scammers. And this is a very big problem, people lose millions of dollars every year due to such businesses.

With an eye to all the above problems, a project was created about which we will talk today.

Today, as always, we will talk about a new decentralized project that can solve the problems by protecting all market participants. And his name is Bow Token. The functionality of the project is very wide. Bow Token will simplify the process of purchasing luxury goods and help to find out the latest information on the lot, including: the place where the item was produced, the date of production, direct geolocation, information about the previous owners, and more.
Of course, this kind of system will facilitate the whole process of acquiring the desired lots as much as possible and most importantly will bring transparency to the process, and therefore security. The leading role in all this action will of course be played by blockchain technology and smart contracts specially developed for this process.

As a result, people will get a reliable, safe and most effective tool that will help determine the authenticity of luxury goods, their quality and of course the price. This will greatly reduce the cost of time and material resources.
In addition, the platform provides security measures (ID-numbers, QR-codes, etc.) that simply do not leave room for fraudsters to act.

All these qualities will have a very good impact on the image of the project and will undoubtedly find its audience. Partial automation to horror of tedious processes of registration of the lot in a compartment with the modern technological decision, are capable to turn over the industry!

To sum up, in fairness it should be noted that the project is rather designed for a more affluent audience, collectors of exquisite items and just lovers of luxury. But still it may be of interest to the creators of luxury goods, boutique owners, automotive companies and many others close to the industry. For all of the above market participants, the project will definitely be very interesting.
The review has been prepared for review. For a more detailed analysis, at the end of the article will be presented the official resources of the project, where I hope you can find all the answers to your questions. Good luck!

Official resources of the Bow Coin project:


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