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Greetings Community, In this new post I will introduce you to the Bow Token project, and for more details, let’s go to the following discussion.


This idea is very valid in computerized promotions. If you are not focused on laser-centered, you will spend money by publishing to people who don’t care. It makes no difference how smart your duplicate promotion is, the way that makes your video beautiful, how beautiful your image is, or how perfect your presentation page is.

“What will come is in the chain; blockchain innovation that keeps everyone from fraud! ”

It is never again questioned that the Blockchain is directly the most progressive progress that develops in the field of data innovation, which helps to link information (blocks) chronologically to have the option to form exchange records that cannot be changed and can be seen by maintaining a public record in a system at various hubs. Blockchaintechnologypossessa’s fundamental belief lies in the foundation of a circulating and safe note framework.


The BOW Tokens application is also supported by various features available in it, for the application features are as follows:

1. For Users & For Distributors

2. Stock Identification

3. Online Payments

4. Invoicing and Receiving Grouping

5. Loyalty & Prize Points


BOW APP is a Blockchain application that guarantees recognition of wasteful items for people. THE BOW SOFTWARE is the B2B stage for waste brands spending significant time in inventory network administration. Finally, we might guarantee the origin of wasteful products. This capacity is of good value for the purchase of new goods but also for goods used. We are currently observing major developments in used advertising.

The waste showcase is also influenced by this development, especially through specific applications, for example, Videressing, Vinted, and so on. Related to this pattern, fake markets also create radically. This directly affects the economy of the waste division. In France, fake seizures have reached 45 under 20 years, currently adding up to 8.9 million items captured. This market today spoke of a setback of almost 3 billion euros for France about luxury products.

BOW reacts very well to this need, due to the increase in the Blockchain which is fully committed to the ability to distinguish wasteful goods. Buyers will have the opportunity to check the source of any article through the Blockchain innovation, which is impenetrable for any adjustments. Organizations will almost certainly show the place of birth of their goods by entertaining customers and exploiting the stages entered.

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The Bow Token will allow us to fund the formation of The Bowtie stylist. ICO will empower us to understand the tasks that now exist. Bowtie Barber is a type of tie, made in a limited version, hard-sewn in France. This delicate and amazing item will reach all Bow Blockchain targets.

Of the features in the application, of course there are several uses, to use the features of the application are:

1. For Users & Distributors
For Users:

When users shop for products online or directly at the store, they can scan QR codes to get all product information that will assist in the purchasing decision process.

After the QR code is scanned, some score or ranking information will appear about the product such as:

1.Distance traveled between the place of production and the place of sale of the       product
2.Material used
3.Margin created
4.The number of items sold so far
5.Certificate authenticity.

For Distributors:

For Distributors, there will be a record of the product being promoted. This application will promote these products that respect the BOW quality charter in new ways and give them new customers, with the same value as the company.

Points of interest from Tokens :

BOW Token is a pillar of financing for the BOWtie-Barber movement. Without our speculators, organizational action will not begin. That’s the reason we have a payment program to thank BOW Token holders. BOW Tokens are qualified to offer benefits to their owners. To be honest, every year, the latter will be compensated for the benefits of the organization.

This compensation will be determined based on the premise of 10% of the net annual profit delivered relatively as indicated by the number of tokens owned. Thus, the more speculators the tokens have, the higher their compensation. Annual compensation will be paid in Ethereum and linked legally with the ERC-20 portfolio where BOW tokens will be removed, depending on ownership which is more prominent than half a year.

Distribution Token

Pre-ICO (12%) (3,000,000 BOW)
ICO (60%) (15,000,000 BOW)
Team (12%) (3,000,000 BOW)
Partnership (5%) (1,250,000 BOW)
Reserves (4%) (1,000,000 BOW)
Advisor (3%) (750,000 BOW)
Bounty (2%) (500,000 BOW)
Airdrop (2%) (500,000 BOW)

                                                    Bow Token Team

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From the explanation above we can draw the conclusion that, this BOW Token Application is a very good application with great benefits for people who like to shop online, with various features provided which will certainly help buyers to find good products, according to their taste and authenticity guaranteed.

For sellers, of course, it’s very easy to offer a product with a clear distributor and clear data details. So there is no need to worry about fraud that can happen.

We can also return items that have been sent easily if the items we receive are not as expected after getting the goods. And also we can get points and prizes that will be provided by BOW Tokens.

For more information you can follow the link below:

WHITEPAPER: -coin.pdf
LINKEDIN: https: //www.linkedin. com / in / aurore-c-petit-937343172
Official TELEGRAM:

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