BrainerZ is the world’s first knowledge-based gaming platform operating in blockchain, enabling users worldwide to compete in skill-based micro games and generate BRNZ tokens. We call the BrainerZ platform a “skill-based playground,” in which victory depends on knowledge, skills, and curiosity. BrainerZ will create a new way for people to use their cryptocurrency, letting crypto-gamers use their mental ability to gain and expand their ownership of crypto in knowledge-based online knowledge that plays with top-notch crypto-games. The BrainerZ platform uses interactive feeds with a variety of social games designed for peer-to-peer groups, individuals, and competitors. This allows users to play high-level games involving skills, strategies, knowledge, and gives them the opportunity to get the BRNZ cryptocurrency token that triggers the BrainerZ platform. As a first step, we have built the BrainerZ platform on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing the generation of BRNZ as the standard ERC20 token.

BrainerZ Vision

Around the world, millions of people play and love games that involve skills, knowledge, and strategies. The Fun, The Excitment, The Win – This Is What We Live. BrainerZ takes competitive social games to a very different level.knowledge, and strategies. The Fun, The Excitment, The Win – This Is What We Live. BrainerZ takes competitive social games to a very different level.

Jump to Game Based Knowledge

At BrainerZ Playground, you’ll discover a unique, fun, and interactive social gaming experience where your money can grow exponentially. Skip the game, make your mind work and win the Token BRNZ!

In the early stages, BrainerZ will launch two games: TreasureZ ™ – social trivia game and RiddleZ ™ – a mega puzzle created by the famous Dan Chamizer riddler. You can win prizes with great growth potential. Ready to test your skills?

Benchmark your success and increase your earnings

The leaderboard will appear as soon as you finish the game, so you can compare your score with the player’s other top scores. When the BrainerZ game ends, you can immediately claim part of your prize!

Use a secure BRNZ wallet

Your prize gift goes straight to your BRNZ safe purse. This wallet will allow you to enter any game in the BrainerZ Playground. You can also redeem your BRNZ currency or redeem it with another crypto exchange.

Token BRNZBRNZ Token

The Token BRNZ is a Ethereum-based ERC20 token. Token will be a reward to participate and win the BrainerZ crypto game and allow the BrainerZ player to play any game featured on the Playground. Other tokens that collaborate with us will have limited functionality on the platform, accessing only the simpler or more centralized version of crypto-games. Token BRNZ, on the other hand, opens every game and will be a prize in the flagship competition. Token will have a security mechanism to prevent fraud, such as lock time after win and current retraction if fraudulent activity is detected.

Read the white book to learn more about using BrainerZ Blockchain usdase.


BRNZ Token is a means of participation and appreciation in the game and challenge of The BrainerZ Playground


Ethereum ERC20, utility based


1 BRNZ = 0.01 USD

Soft Cap & Hard Cap

$ 500,000 USD – $ 12 million USD


  1. April 2017 – BrainerZ project launch
  2. September 2017 – Test backend play
  3. January 2018 –
  4. Announcement of two major game concepts in the BrainerZ, TreasureZ, and RiddleZ Playgrounds
  5. Launch the first two community quiz games (with links)
  6. February 2018 –
  7. The launch of the BrainerZ bounty program
  8. Launch the first BrainerZ puzzle
  9. March 2018 –
  10. Whitepaper presentation – CEO Presentation (social media)
  11. Announcement of the first partnership for BrainerZ)
  12. May 2018 –
  13. End personal presale and early public presale
  14. Presentation of the advisory board – roles, duties and experiences
  15. Mega-Riddle presentation with a grand prize (part of the gift)
  16. June 2018 – Starts token sale (8 weeks)
  17. August 2018 – End of sale token + Launch of TreasureZ alpha
  18. September 2018 – OceanZ presentation & third-party integration
  19. December 2018 – Launch of the first version of OceanZ
  20. March 2019 – Release of SardineZ, and FishPack
  21. July 2019 – 5+ games available at BrainerZ Playground


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