Bravo Payment Platform Upgrading To Blockchain

The Fever about cryptocurrency is increasing, people have heard about it, and more and more people want to find more about it, and find a way to be a part of it. When blockchain technology came, so many things changed, for better, we say. So many businesses have improved, so many companies have started using crypto currencies in their work. The new ideas are coming every day. People want to invest in the new projects. We have the biggest tool in the world, and it is called the Internet. The internet is an enormous base of information where we can do anything. Internet has connected the entire world. One of these projects is Bravo


BRAVO, originally built for gratuity payments to artists and service professionals, has been operating in beta as a mobile payment platform for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions that are seamless, secure and anonymous. To date, BRAVO has a community of tens of thousands of active users and has processed millions of dollars in fiat currency (government-backed currency; e.g. USD, Euro, Yen) transactions.
After a successful proof of concept, BRAVO began building an innovative hybrid blockchain platform with a seamless user-centric mobile user experience (UX) that supports on-demand public and private payments using BRAVO tokens (BVO).
BRAVO was built for a new generation of user that demands simplicity, privacy and anonymity. We strongly believe BVO will enhance the ability to pay securely, instantly and globally with significantly low fees. A previous version of BRAVO fiat currency is available today on Google Play and Apple AppStore.


BRAVO solves various obstacles within the current payments market, user privacy, the blockchain and cryptocurrency methods of payment. The technology is robust but there are still significant challenges we aim to improve and solve.

  • Globally, we are moving to a cashless society, yet billions of people are
    unbanked and must rely on cash to earn a living and to pay for goods and
  • Cryptocurrency remains largely inaccessible to most people and businesses due
    to its complexity.
  • Mass adoption of existing blockchain payment platforms have been negatively
    affected by their design and lack of user-friendly interfaces. They have a
    complicated onboarding process and key management system, and fall short in
    terms of anonymity and security. Transaction fees can be expensive and the
    platforms slow due to high latency. This complex and at times clunky user
    experience forgoes the simplicity and strength of the blockchain technology.
  • Privacy and security of payments and personal data continues to worry
    consumers. Blockchain seems like a solution but implementation is hard and
    transactions potentially traceable.

The Solution
BRAVO is creating a blockchain-powered mobile payments platform that addresses the technological challenges with the current micropayments market while increasing its usability and adoption for both consumers and businesses.

  • After proven success with mobile fiat transactions, our team began developing
    our blockchain platform to run the BRAVO mobile payments app and support
    enhanced anonymity and security, improved cryptocurrency wallet sign up and
    onboarding process, and a simple PIN access code that improves usability. Since launching our MVP and beta version in U.S., our team focused on improving onboarding, KYC/AML compliance, data encryption, tokenization and security.
  • With the BRAVO app, there is no need for long public or private keys or third-party custodians of keys or funds. Users have a simple but secure password recovery protocol to ensure full control and access to their tokens and funds. BRAVO runs on a proprietary blockchain platform created by our engineering team to optimize security, integrity and functionality. We created an Incognito Payments protocol as a solution for enhanced privacy
  • Users have full control of privacy, funds and payments which are executed in
    seconds without intermediary bank or third party blockchain platforms and no
    hidden fees. BRAVO is also designed to integrate with, and power other applications
  • The BRAVO blockchain is the culmination of years of research, user feedback,
    design and engineering. Blockchain technology will allow BRAVO to scale at a
    faster rate and accommodate a much larger user base. It not only enhances
    user anonymity and transaction transparency, but it also broadens the
    applicability and reach by expanding the BRAVO ecosystem globally with a
    single platform that is seamless and consistent.

BRAVO’s Competitive Advantage
BRAVO’s technology is a market pioneer for mobile anonymous, private and secure payments executed seamlessly by finding the person you want to pay nearby or via search of username or alias without exchanging personal information, just a payment.
BRAVO’s foundation and strengths are based on our ability to translate the blockchain integration into a simple user experience and our fundamental understanding of privacy and security. We rely on our community of active users, our team and innovative technology.

  • Unique Proposition
    - First in market: First ICO with a fiat currency payments beta product already
    in the market with a community of tens of thousands active users.
    - First hybrid blockchain mobile payments application with global reach.
  • Traction
    - Established FinTech Company since 2014 with financial product in the
    market and significant traction.
    - Successful beta for anonymous payments to pay or be paid amongs “strangers” without sharing personal information.
    - Tens of thousands of active daily users (in test market).
    - Millions of dollars in transactions processed (in test market).
  • Technology, User Experience and Security
    • Seamless sign up, short PIN to login, no need for private/public key to pay
    or get paid.
    • Simple and secure password recovery (prevents loss of access and funds).
    • Hybrid blockchain platform facilitates anonymous, fast and inexpensive
    • Incognito protocol for enhanced anonymity.
    • High user security with encryption and tokenization.
    • Plug and Play interface to integrate with other apps.
    • BRAVO is currently PCI DSS compliant (for fiat payments in US) by Security
    Standards Council


The BRAVO Blockchain will empower Consumers and Providers to send and
receive cryptocurrency payments with full anonymization capacity. BRAVO will
create a Blockchain API that will include User Wallets, BVO Token Reserve,
Operational Wallet & Exchange, Wallet SDK, Public Transparent Blockchain, Public
Anonymous Blockchain, and Validators. BRAVO will also assign Trusted Liquidity
Partners who will provide “over the counter” exchanges to BRAVO users
worldwide while operating to collect a small fee of each transaction exchange.
Liquidity partners will be able to operate as tellers to offer cash liquidity in
localized regions in exchange for the BVO Token. A proprietary API will be built for
Liquidity Partners, so their operations can be managed. The API will also support
third-party applications.
Building a Better Payment System
One of the main goals of BRAVO is to make tipping and paying for goods and services easy for customers and vendors while offering unparalleled security and privacy. BRAVO already has success in local markets with their currently available BRAVO App. To expand their reach globally while still providing a cost-effective solution to payments and sending funds, BRAVO will be augmenting and evolving their existing P2P platform to include blockchain technologies to create a next generation peer-to-peer payment platform that will provide faster transfer times, lower costs and strong anonymity with incognito transactions.


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