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Why Does It Need When There Are Mobile Applications Of Banks Etc?

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The next generation of anonymous mobile payments, a convenient solution for everyday use, as well as to empower professionals, artists, small entrepreneurs and everyone else!

First of all, it is worth noting that BRAVO is an existing business, an application for anonymous micro-payments, convenient payment of tips, peer-to-peer P2P payments, payment of debt and other payments. The Bravo app was launched in 2015 shortly after the launch of the campaign, and quickly became very popular among users, receiving the audience award in San Francisco. Next, the team worked on the development of its product and developed a user base, as a result, quickly crossed the mark of tens of thousands of active monthly application users in more than a thousand US cities. For those who want to learn more about the current application BRAVO, there is a small article, as well as you can easily find the application in the AppStore and GooglePlay.


Let’s start with the fact that mobile banking applications are so well developed only in Russia, in most countries the use of banking services, even more trouble than here, unfortunately. Due to all sorts of financial regulators, the fight against money laundering / non-acquisition of illegally acquired funds, the fight against tax evasion, in Western countries it is very difficult to use bank transfers, there are large commissions, for transfer you will most likely have to go to a branch or an ATM and wait some time instead of instant translation etc.


So, BRAVO is already a successful money transfer application, and now they have decided to launch their blockchain platform so that transfers become faster, safer and more anonymous. I have experience of international money transfers, due to the fact that I provide services for ICOs and I have relatives abroad, so I know for sure that sending money is not easy, and it’s not strange, despite the complexity of learning technology blockchain for a beginner As a result, cryptocurrency is the easiest way to transfer money, even taking into account intermediaries such as centralized exchanges / exchangers.


This concludes the first part of my review of the BRAVO project. The product was very interesting and I would like to tell about it in as much detail as possible, so I will write a few review articles. In the following parts, let’s talk about the team that created BRAVO, talk about the tokens that will be used inside the application and how it will work, let’s look at the details of the ICO and the project development plan.



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