Hey everyone! I am here again to give you my latest research about a fantastic blockchain technology which I know you will find interesting and really helpful. The blockchain project is “BRAVO”. Seat back and enjoy its content.
Everyone is always involving in daily transactions which include the use of money to facilitate the transactions, however, the world is gradually moving to a cashless era, where People will no longer need to carry money around, payments can be made online via mobile banking or online banking. But do you know there are many shortcomings to this new system as there is no much privacy and security and there are also extra charges for the transaction made. This is why am introducing you to this platform with privacy and safe mode of transaction through blockchain.
What is bravo?
BRAVO is a blockchain project with a software that can be used for Cryptocurrencies transactions through the power of blockchain technology.
BRAVO began in 2014 and set out to upset the installment and mysterious charging industry with their consistent versatile installment application, the program is extremely favorable and simple to use, plus it is affordable, because you just have to pay for 2% each time you use. Bravo has its own unique API for developers who want to create third-party software and are very safe for users. Plan the stage to expand the platform market utilizing the current community.
BRAVO was built for a new generation of user that demands simplicity, privacy and anonymity. The team strongly believe Bravo will enhance the ability to pay securely, instantly and globally with significantly low fees. A previous version of BRAVO fiat currency is available today on Google Play and Apple AppStore. Bravo community is created on top of what has been built in the space of the past three years that the platform has been working in helping their users/investors to move money across the globe privately and with ease.
The Bravo mobile app eradicates the need for public or private keys as it engages its simple and secure password recovery protocol. Users have full control of privacy, payments are fast and there is no need for third party interference. The platform is user friendly, making it easy to be used by anyone.
BRAVO is one of very few ICOs in the world that actually has
 An existing business
 A solution developed
In contrast, less than 9% of the ICOs come from established businesses and almost half do not have a product developed before their ICO campaign began, but Bravo has both an existing business and also the solution developed.
BRAVO will release an update to pay with thier cryptocurrency (BVO Token) allowing for instant, secure and anonymous payments worldwide.
Bravo is for anonymous micro-payments, straightforward payment of tips, peer-to-peer payments of P2P, payment of debts and alternative payments.

• Mode of payment: currently, user privacy, blockchain and cryptocurrency payment methods have not been widely known, this technology is strong enough to make people to pay cashless and with much privacy and security. Globally, we are moving to a cashless society, yet billions of people are unbanked and must rely on cash to earn a living and to pay for goods and services, hence you must choose Bravo to do this.
• Hybrid Blockchain: Both public and private blockchain are fused together to allow them operate seamlessly on the platform, this gives users control over transactions, speed, privacy and cost.
• Privacy and security: Privacy and security of payments are managed by users and no third party is involved, thereby making users to be rest assured that their asset is safe.
• Chat with fans: Send and receive messages from fans, leave ratings for awesome services received or simply remind people it’s time to pay up.
• Location: bravo does not really show your location, it wil only show you people that hare nearby and will never disclose your location thereby reducing the risk of tracking and hacking.

The platform will be run by a generally accepted Token which will be known as BVO Token. This Token can be utilized to send, receive and save fund. BVO token will be made available on a public exchange. The token is an ERC-20 based on the etherium blockchain.

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