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Blockchain is making history by shifting power from centralized entities into the hands of the consumers. It has empowered people to manage their own assets without the intervention of any banks, brokers, or institutional monitors. This is a welcome necessity since people risk too much today by allowing their crypto assets to be controlled by a central entity. They don’t realize that it is not them but Wallets, Exchanges, & Lending Platforms that are controlling their assets. Hence, they have given up control of their identity, privacy, and money because they believe that they don’t have a choice. But not anymore. We aim to be the access point that provides people with this choice.

BtcCredit is an all-in-one decentralized wallet which gives you complete control of your Blockchain asset to Hold, Exchange, Lend, Borrow, Invest, and Stake. This document outlines the design of a Decentralized Next-Gen Banking Ecosystem that is powered by decentralised multi-currency wallet, decentralised p2p lending, and decentralised p2p Exchange capabilities.

BtcCredit is Next-Gen Decentralized Banking Ecosystem
  • Peer to Peer Loan System
  • Peer to Peer Exchange
  • Crowdfunding
  • Staking
How it Works?
USDT and BTCCredit Lending System
USDT – User can Lend USDT backed by LDT Tokens whose value is 1 LDT:1 USDT, by deploying a smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain, with Bitcoin (BTC) as collateral by the borrower.
BTCCredit – User can Lend BTCC Token, by deploying a smart contract on Ethereum Blockchain, with BTCC Token as collateral by the borrower.
The System will Reward the Lender and the borrower with BTCC Token when a contract is deployed between them.
The Borrower will again be rewarded with BTCC on every successful EMI Payment.
15% Extra Loan Amount
In Alpha, Borrower gets 60% LTV of Collateral (BTC) deposited, But in Beta Borrower gets 75% LTV of Collateral (BTCC Token) deposited.

Market Analysis of P2P Lending

It is cited, that “According to Morgan Stanley, the market for Global Marketplace Lending may reach $290bn. by 2020, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 51% from 2014 to 2020.”

The BTC Credit team is trying to showcase the potential of this market, in order to explain that their truly innovative peer-to-peer wallet solution holds great potential.

Crypto P2P-Lending

There are some existing Crypto lending platforms which are following different business models. On one end they are a just like a traditional p2p lending platform with the ability to accept cryptocurrencies as collaterals. On the other end, they deploy the entire loan contract on the blockchain and execute events on the loan agreement through smart contracts. The blockchain technology, with its fully transparent and incorruptible transaction ledger, forms the ideal system for managing the loan with its parameters like tenure, interest rate, crypto collateral, etc.

There are many platforms that offer crypto lending:

  • Sofin
  • Everex
  • Ethlend
  • Lendoit
  • Btcpop

Competitive Analysis

P2P Lending Platforms can be divided into three main categories:

Traditional P2P
Lending within the same country and in that country’s currency

2Cryptocurrency without Smart Contract
Lending globally with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency using Smart Contract
Lending using Blockchain Smart Contract as an intermediate

Token Distribution
Q4 2018
P2P Crypto Loan System Launch
The journey begins with Borrow-Lending, a Peer-to-Peer Crypto Loans System Launch.
Smart Contract On Ethereum
LDT Tokens Contract, BTCC Tokens Contract.
Q1 2019
USDT Lending system Launch
Users Can Lend USDT which is backed by LDT Tokens and Smart Contract
Getting Apps Available on Mobiles
Getting the Lending Platform Compatible with Mobile Phones.
Acquiring Licences
Acquiring Crypto Wallet and Lending Licences
Crypto Wallet Launch
Crypto wallet Launch.
Q2 2019
BTCC Token Listing on our Lending System.
Now users can Lend Using BTCC Tokens and can use BTCC as collateral.
P2P Exchange Launch
Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrencies Exchange Platform Launch.
Q3 2019
Staking Plan Launch
Staking plan launch for investor, who will be benefited with interest on BTCC / BTC hold as staking
ALT Coins Lending and Colateral
Now users can Lend Using Alt Coins and can use Alt Coins as collateral.
Q4 2019
Crowd-Funding Platform
Peer-to-Peer Crowd-Funding platform

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