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Blockchain is making history by shifting power from centralized entities into the hands of the consumers.

It has empowered people to manage their own assets without the intervention of any banks, brokers, or

institutional monitors.

This is a welcome necessity since people risk too much today by allowing their crypto assets to be

controlled by a central entity. They don’t realize that it is not them but Wallets, Exchanges, & Lending

Platforms that are controlling their assets. Hence, they have given up control of their identity, privacy, and

money because they believe that they don’t have a choice. But not anymore. We aim to be the access

point that provides people with this choice.

BtcCredit is an all-in-one decentralized wallet which gives you complete control of your Blockchain asset

to Hold, Exchange, Lend, Borrow, Invest, and Stake.

This document outlines the design of a Decentralized Next-Gen Banking Ecosystem that is powered by

decentralised multi-currency wallet, decentralised p2p lending, and decentralised p2p Exchange


Market Analysis of P2P Lending

It is cited, that “According to Morgan Stanley, the market for Global Marketplace Lending may reach

$290bn. by 2020, with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate of 51% from 2014 to 2020.”

Fixing the Lending Market

Today the inflation-adjusted interest rate in different countries varies based on the available liquidity. In

high liquidity market, Europe, interest rates are between 0.5-5 %, in Russia 12-15 %, in India 12 % and in

Brazil 32 %. This shows a clear inequality in the way access to the lending market is distributed across

the world. We believe that this inequality between the borrowers should be flattened and huge market

value can be created in the process, especially through opportunities of Arbitrage.

Banks charge 5-12% interest on loans and compensate you 0-1% for holding your assets with them. With

the rise of crypto-currencies and Blockchain, you can now become your own banking institution.

BtcCredit makes this a reality for you. Not just this, you decide whom you want to lend your money to,

on which interest rate, and it what mode. All of this is available thanks to Blockchain technology, on

which the Wallet of BtcCredit relies on.

How Does it Work?

As a lender, a user enters the system and funds his system generated Wallet with USDTs. The system

creates a lending profile where his acceptable loan parameters are recorded. The lender’s loan profile

becomes a part of a “credit marketplace”.

As a borrower, the user enters the system with his system generated Bitcoin wallet. The bitcoin funds in

the wallet form the collateral against the potential loan. The borrowing requirement also becomes a part

of the “credit marketplace”.

A system internal logic automatically matches and suggests existing loans and borrowers. A borrower or

lender can also manually select from a set of loan offerings or borrower’s requirements.

Once a loan is selected, and both sides agree to the parameters on the book, a “handshake” is said to have

taken place, which will result in a deployment of a smart contract on the Ethereum network. The

borrower’s wallet will be funded with the requested USDT and a schedule for repayment gets created.

P2P Crypto Exchange

This is the second primary feature of the platform where the aim is to provide users with an ecosystem

where they can directly exchange cryptocurrencies with each other in a decentralized p2p marketplace.

No third entity will be interfering with the functioning of this decentralized p2p marketplace as it will be

directly controlled and maintained by a Blockchain backed software tech. Hence, the current

intermediary-based market is disrupted by and all the requirements of human middlemen are done away


Operational Workflow

The system will be automatically able to connect the buyers with sellers based on the terms they prefer.

● Lender logs into the system

● Transfers funds to his/her Wallet

● Posts a Sell Order

● Sell Order goes live

● Buyer checks out the range of available Sell Orders

● Buyer and Seller Are Matched

● Buyer and Seller negotiate the most optimum price

● Buyer meets the demand and transfers the funds

● Trade is completed

● Seller receives funds in his/her Wallet


  • Q4 2018

P2P Crypto Loan System Launch

The journey begins with Borrow-Lending, a Peer-to-Peer Crypto Loans System Launch.

Smart Contract On Ethereum

LDT Tokens Contract, BTCC Tokens Contract.

  • Q1 2019

USDT Lending system Launch

Users Can Lend USDT which is backed by LDT Tokens and Smart Contract

Getting Apps Available on Mobiles

Getting the Lending Platform Compatible with Mobile Phones.

Acquiring Licences

Acquiring Crypto Wallet and Lending Licences

Crypto Wallet Launch

  • Q2 2019

BTCC Token Listing on our Lending System.

Now users can Lend Using BTCC Tokens and can use BTCC as collateral.

P2P Exchange Launch

Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrencies Exchange Platform Launch.

  • Q3 2019

Staking Plan Launch

Staking plan launch for investor, who will be benefited with interest on BTCC / BTC hold as staking

ALT Coins Lending and Colateral

Now users can Lend Using Alt Coins and can use Alt Coins as collateral.

  • Q4 2019

Crowd-Funding Platform

Peer-to-Peer Crowd-Funding platform






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Kirankumar Kapure

Mayur Shrivastav

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