Bubbletone Blockchain – global telecommunication ecosystem without intermediaries

Bubbletone is the first decentralized telecom system that makes direct interactions between mobile operators, subscribers and phone service providers possible via smart contracts. In the consequence of system implementation, the platform promises to eliminate hundreds of intermediators, drastically reduce the cost of mobile services and save many years and millions of dollars on the carrying out of the ineffective, costly and old-fashioned roaming technologies.

From the problem to the solution

Nowadays international roaming equals restrictive expenses both for telecoms and subscribers around the globe. In order to enter the roaming market, you will be billed over $20 million of inter-operator charges. Developing countries where few telecom giants dominate the market are most hit by outstandingly high roaming prices. The majority of subscribers disable data roaming abroad as a consequence of overpriced rates. This indicates the substantial demand for cheaper traffic.
The objective of the Bubbletone Blockchain platform is to do away with all complex-structured and expensive inter-operator roaming approaches and to establish a new market for thousands of telecom operators creating affordable mobile services for the roamers.
By establishing the direct global connection between mobile network operators and end-users, the travelers can promptly become legitimate local customers of any operator in the foreign country they take the travel to. As a mobile operator with over 20 years of experience in telecommunications, Bubbletone is going to leverage this blockchain system in order to enter the global market and offer it to all the operators.
How does it work?

To begin with, any cellular company is able to bring out its own prepaid tariff plans (“Offers”) and publish them in the character of smart contracts, which are visible to all other mobile carriers and their subscribers. When an offer is selected, a new “Request” smart contract is created including user’s Digital Identity and also a Payment transaction pegged to SDR tokens. Super Nodes process Universal Mobile Tokens during each transaction. Consequently, the carrier issuing the offer identifies the user and collects the payment. As soon as the transaction is complete, the operator starts providing the locally priced high-quality service to the subscribers directly in the country they are traveling to. Not only the exact same business process is available for telecommunications service providers, but also for companies that supply other services like TV, music or cloud solutions and that are interested in getting involved in distributing their offers among multimillion customer bases of mobile network operators.
It is effortless and coherent for a customer to create and execute the smart contract and the process overall takes around a minute. The operators only need to offer their services and price ranges with no delays, and based on this information the network will bill clients itself. Undoubtfully, the unmediated connection to a local cellular company results in high LTE quality and low rates. According to Bubbletone, subscribers don’t need to replace their SIM-card and they keep possession of their original phone numbers. Moreover, the offers will be strictly regulated by the law of supply and demand, therefore the quality of service becomes more important than technical and market share dominance. Doesn’t it make the cellular communication the one we always hankered after?

What are the benefits?

Safe data: data loss chance is extremely low due to the fact that the blockchain is maintained on numerous Nodes within the network, copied multiple times.
Indubitable transactions: the operations are practically impossible to be hidden or faked, which is crucial both for mobile operators, same as for their end-users.
Minimum transaction error: the error rate is minimized, since every action is run by a precise code on the operators’ Nodes.
Less traffic is transferred between the operators, as all the actions are managed through decentralized P2P network.
Any supplementary code run by the system contains no sensitive information that could be stolen. The participants’ private keys are the only data that needs to be protected.

Value for the crypto community

The high-performance servers which form the Blockchain ecosystem (called the “Nodes”) belong to the crypto community, thus any crypto holder can purchase the license to administer the Node. This means that you are starting to earn by processing the smart contracts. The revenue and the value of each Node increases with more operators and service providers connecting to the ecosystem and more contracts processed. Bubbleletone’s approximate prognosis is 10x growth of smart contracts in the ecosystem annually.

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