Bubbletone Blockchain: Making the Telecom Sector Borderless

Bubbletone Blockchain is the first ever system that has worked on transforming the telecom by bridging the gaps globally. This platform helps the mobile users, network operators and the service providers to extend their domains globally. Using Bubbletone, the users will not have to change their sim card while moving to other countries. yes, they will be using their local sim in any country they move. This system also eliminates roaming and enables everyone to make calls, send and receive text messages, use internet and all the services provided by the local cellular service provider throughout the globe.

It is something amazing to hear that travelers will be conveniently using their own mobile numbers wherever they go. There will be no roaming charges applicable for this service. Furthermore, Bubbletone has a mobile app which is available on the Google App store and Apple store, although it is a beta version. There are more than 100 communication features in the app. The system also offers a messenger to its users.
Bubbletone system has also produced tokens, called ETH. These tokens will be used for the transactions made inside the system and for toping up the balance on the mobile numbers. Technical standard of the token is ERC20. The total number of token are 1,000,000,000.
ICO started date 20 th April, 2018
hard cap 15,000,000
1ETH 4,000 UMT
Compatible Fiat Currencies BTC, ETHaaaai.jpg
Telecom is a big industry with the number of mobile users surpassing the total population in the near future. The era belongs to smartphones, especially, where everything has been reduced to finger touch. ETH tokens will become popular and successful because there are no complicated methodologies involved and the solution provided is not only simple but it is appealing as well.
ICOratings’ review concluded Bubbletone as a positive ecosystem along with WiserICO and ICObench giving it 5.0 and 4.4 scores respectively. This is an objective observation from the top professionals and analysts.
The scope of this system is wide but we can narrow down our research to the direct stakeholders.
Followings are its largest benefactors:
more than 1.2 billion travelers
more than 1000 mobile operators
more than 1000 service providers
Billions of traders who will buy ETH on different exchanges.
Network operators and service providers will be benefited from the system the most. The will enjoy a global access of clients since the system aims at directly connecting the mobile operators globally. It is needless to say that their business will grow massively with the exposure to millions of new clients from all across the globe.
Travelers and users have also multiple benefits by using more than 100 communication features of the system. The core advantages are obvious such as using the local number in foreign territories in the same rates.
The fact that the system is founded by the members who are experienced in telecom industry and are running a telecom operation in Russia since 2002 makes it more credible and trustworthy. We can conclude that this model will be successful and benefit all the participants.
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