The gaming industry revenue reached 108.9bn in the year 2017. The industry opens the wide gate of opportunities for marketers, developers and others layers in the industry. The gaming development is what most developers will continuously do to keep the industry lucrative. These developers and gaming companies will need their released games to be played by some players in a process called beta-testing. This process allows the developer to know the area that needs improvement in the developed games. This process usually depends on players that will volunteer to playtest. The players are not rewarded in any way even though they contribute to the overall success of the developed game. That is why Buff has built a decentralized platform that rewards games for playing games. The goal of the platform is to allow developers and gaming companies to introduce their game to the potential players for brand awareness. That why the blockchain based platform called BUFF introduce a token reward system, that allows the gamers to accumulate tokens over extended playing period on the platform.


This is a decentralized platform that will change how gamers are a reward in the gaming industry for involving in-game testing. The platform is loyalty reward projects that allow players to playtest recently developed games while earning tokens over extended playing time. This accumulated tokens can be withdrawn to their wallet, and the process of the token accumulation does not interfere with the game been played. The blockchain technology that Buff platform is based on will reduce the expensive hardware’s developers would have gotten to improve the performance of their games. The BUFF platform will allow gamers to claim or reward their rewards transparently and securely without the interference of the third party. This blockchain technology reduces the fraud and trust issues between gamers and publishers. This innovative platform is in active partnership with over wolf. Overwolf is a brand that offers an open software platform for gamers, with hundreds of apps in their store. This will allow BUFF to integrate their loyalty reward to some of these apps. This significant partnership will enable the holders of Buffcoin to exchange it for Wolf coins, which they can efficiently use on the over wolf store.


  • Buff reduces publisher expenses: The BUFF platform offers game publishers a fantastic opportunity to expenses on hardware’s to make their games user-friendly. The blockchain buff platform engages gamers with publisher’s games which help them detect the areas that need improvement.
  • Fantastic way of unlocking difficulty level: Most games require you to pay a certain amount to proceed to the next level of the most game on Google play store. The Buff platform is decentralized and allows the gamers to use the coin accumulated to unlock the next difficulty level of a game.
  • User-friendly platform: The platform is based on programming languages that make the interface easy to navigate. This allows the players to enjoy their favorite games while still earning tokens in the process.

  • Coin Accumulation: The games are provided with fantastic opportunities to gain more coin over an extended time spent on the platform. The games will be accumulating coins underground without interference with the games been played. This coin can be exchanged for vital games items on different platforms in partnership with Buff platform.
  • Decentralized platform: The Buff platform is an innovative platform based on blockchain technology. This help increases the level of transparency in the reward system.
  • Self Sustaining platform: The revenue of this platform is derived from the affiliate’s model, sponsorship and transaction fees. This will be reinvested into the development of the Buff ecosystem.


Token: BUFF

Total Supply : 300,000,000 BUFF

Soft cap: $6,000,000 USD

Hard cap : $30,000,000 USD

Token sale: Coming Soon

KYC / Whitelist: KYC and Whitelist

Payment for ICO: BTC, ETH, Euro, and GBP






The gaming industry is experiencing significant growth in recent times. The buff platform is a blockchain based platform that offers gamers the opportunity to earn while playing their favorite games. This will allow game publishers to reduce expenses they would have incurred on hardware’s to improve the performance of their games. All you need do is join the Buff platform to earn while you play your favorite games.

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