Its no fallacy that the demand for cyber security professionals exceeds supply due to hackers ability to develop a more advanced schemes, targeting countless companies irrespective of sizes in today’s computing environment which is dynamic and complex with industries growing yearly. The exposure of email or other private data and non tamper-proof of authentication can easily be subject to legal action. Its upon this and many other reasons Buglab platform was created.
Buglab is a unique platform created to improve cyber security from possible hackers. It connects companies with a global network of expert researchers. It’s one of its kind as it helps to easily detects and redress vulnerabilities on various business applications, mobile applications, websites, Internet of Things (IoT) devises and smart contracts. It’s an easy-to-use platform created to address the widespread and growing business needs by transforming penetration test services into challenges to identify and mitigate cyber security gaps that are ignored or unaware of.

Buglab Platform
• Leaderboard The best penetesters will be provided with immerse visibility making it easier to selet participants from the community
• Reports – Clients can graphically and sub sequentially compare the security status and progress of its assests with the reports received by the company on its security contests.
• Client-Managed – There are three types of contest management which the company can choose from
• Public contest- The community public receives an invitation to participate after the providence of basic information by the company.
• Private Contest – A genuine team or pentesters will be randomly picked by clients from a known cyber security firm to finish the challenge.
• Selection filters – Filter selection is also done by client duing a private challenge which may include score, skillset etc
• Triage system It helps to identify duplicates before landing on the prospects dashboard, enabling the notifications of relevant submission
• Mediation It’s a service offered to pentesters to help resolve and evaluate disagreements arising from inaccuracy of scores and validation with outmost fairness
• Chat It’s essential for maintaining good conversation with pentesters and to gain their help in fixing it
• Fix companion At the Enterprise level, Buglab will verify that the fix has been implemented.

To help protect companies from various forms of cyber providing a free hacking system


We are proud to be working with these organizations, and continue to look for valuable partners.
Advantages of Buglab
Company’s who are at the verge of protecting its business no matter how big or mall it may be from possible hackers. Any company using Buglab has more advantaged than a company who doesn’t because the difference is always clear. Buglab helps to tackle cyber crimes with different means and methods. Buglab uses block chain security to reshape pentesting preventing hackers from ever tempering with a company’s information. Some companies after receiving a costly bill and an incomplete result, opportunities for continuity and repeat business are lost. Several options for privacy are available depending on the sensitivity of data.
Buglab offers contest so as to caps user costs by charging a fixed price that features a money-back guarantee in the event of no vulnerabilities detected, an efficient model for uncovering cyber threats. Buglab has no restriction, small or medium businesses from all over the world looking for a more attainable and effective way of protecting their digital assests.

Buglab Launch
The Buglab Token (BGL) is issued for incentive penetration testing in the blockchain environment. BGL Token is based on the ERC20 standard for block chain tokens.

Buglab token Allocation
The figure below further illustrates the token required for all transactions made within the eco system.

Token Distribution Of Buglab
BGL been created and issued by Buglab will be deployed by a smart contract system to receive contributions and contributors during a tide.

Road maps

Buglab management Team
ALEXANDER BELOKON Backened Developer
YOUNESS AAMIRI Block chain developer
Azdine Bouhou Software Architect
Konstantin Bditskikh Frontend developer
AMINE BIODI Full stack developer
DALAL CHERQAOUI Marketing and communications manager
Alexander Reay Advisor
Douglas Shinsato Advisor

Buglab is a solution for any cyber crimes any company, businesses or individual maybe facing. The solution makes cyber security services accessible to even the very smallest enterprises that typically lack both the resources and budget to tackle cyber security vulnerabilities using traditional means. Kindly join our community and connect with us.
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Twitter https://twitter.com/joinbuglab
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You tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmGh-O5eRtbQchWmy8cFjYA
Telegram https://t.me/buglab
Medium https://blog.buglab.io/
Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/buglabProject/
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