Have you ever wondered or thought for once if someone else is spying on you once you log on to the internet? Growing up as a kid i enjoyed playing with my computers and the most scariest thing I dreaded is a virus because I can’t afford to stand watching my gaming file and setup get corrupted. I am very cautious about the external drives I plug into my computer and file i download over the internet. Thanks good heavens my parents paid for a premium antivirus to keep my computer free of any form of cyber attack especially virus, malwares and worms. The cyber space is the most volatile and unsafe world if without proper orientation and enlightenment one can lose his or her data and personal files to cyber hackers. Now i am quite almost thirty, whenever i notice unusual memory traffic and system pause what readily comes to my mind is whether i have been tagged by RAT, a Remote Access Trojan virus.

The cryptocurrency community has also had its own share of cyber attacks with many losing billions of dollars to hackers. A lot of blockchain projects are centered on profit-making and not just solutions. Every project is after creating their own token or currency but the crux of the matter is the solution these project provides to the world. Quite a few have focused on revolutionary project and I am glad to present to you a blockchain project that will revolutionize the cyber tech industry. The project is called Heroic, their main focus is to provide cyber security through the merge of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology. Mind you there are many cyber security companies and solutions but these aren’t easily accessible to everyone using the cyberspace. Heroic is targeting to creating a pool of cyber threat data on the blockchain through cyber threat miners, organizations and partners and building an open-source solution on the blockchain which allows for global participation and implementation. This article shall focus on current cyber security challenges and solution in the market already, the Heroic blockchain solution and architecture and the Token sales.

The current state of cyber security and challenges

Cyber security is becoming a pressing issue all over the world. The rate of cyber attacks is growing exponentially with the level of technology. Attacks are getting more sophisticated everyday and designed to penetrate from specific to general computers and networks. We keep reading it all over the news month after month and it will never end until we all contribute to put a stop to it without being selfish or greedy to provide data on such activities. The big question is, how did cyber attacks start? I can bet you data is the root of all evils in cyber attacks. No data no threat!. But the bitter truth is that we cannot live without data which is the fundamental unit of operations in the cyberspace. The more we digitize every data in humanity the more threat and vulnerability we create for ourselves especially if the systems are sophisticated to withstand cyber attacks and threats of different forms.

The big tech companies are nit left out in this mess and vulnerability. When I thought it was all over after the Cambridge Analytics and a famous social media platform. A new revelation was made few weeks ago about a vulnerability attacked discovered by a top social media tech company on their website. Assessment showed the attacked has been on for roughly a year now and see how long it took for them to become aware if it. You might feel indifferent about it now but the truth is we have been victims of cyber threats and attacks in one way or the other. Most of our lives are now online with many billions of devices connected to the internet. At least everyone use a device or access internet services through one form or the other which makes us vulnerable.

All these threats can be mitigated through consistent research into vulnerabilities and attacks likewise data sharing. Softwares are not enough, with the era of artificial intelligence. AI have been proven to be very efficient than security softwares in combating cyber attacks and threats. This is because these AI system are feed with cyber threat data which they learn and algorithm optimized to respond to such attacks but these data are only available to big companies and private firms. Individuals like you and me have no access to such data and are the most vulnerable in the cyber ecosystem. But Heroic have taken the bold step to build a system that will collect cyber threats data and allow cyber security professionals, threat miners, analyze and build algorithms on the blockchain which will enable internet users have a safer online surfing of the web and protection of internet users data.

The Heroic Blockchain solution and Architecture

The Heroic blockchain solution is built into a mobile and desktop application. It accommodates all users from single to enterprise services. The system is designed to merge the computing and algorithm power of Artificial Intelligence with the blockchain technology for a secure and decentralized operation. The system has different protocols that handlers the cyber threat analysis. It programmed to collate data from dark web which is where most stolen data are sold out and peddled in the internet. There are back-links to the bins in most Dark Web sites to mine for data every second and update the blockchain pool of cyber threat data called the reactor. These data are forked on the repository by cyber security experts to build better and updated algorithm to match every threat in the cyberspace. Individuals and organizations can access these solutions via the applications to check their computers and personal data like the email hack service which allows individuals to scan their emails and see it has been compromised. the enterprise service notifies corporate organization of any compromised email or vulnerability in their system. to access thee services users utilize the token on the blockchain to pay for services. user can also earn the Heroic token by helping mine the cyber threat data mining and reap rewards from it. Blockchain developers and cyber security programmers can earn heroic token by developing security patches on the Heroic system which other users and organization can implement in their systems and networks.

About Heroic Token and sales

The Heroic Token (HRO) will be used as the cryptocurrency for accessing the services on the Heroic platform. it will offer value to the blockchain and shall power all transactions  on the Heroic platform. participants can earn tokens from mining the Heroic token and developing solutions which other community members can access. This is a big project for the cyber security industry and will require every support from all key players. this is why Heroic is offering a chance to investors to participate in this project though their ICO that is going on.  A Total of 1,000,000,000 Heroic Tokens has been created for this project. 50% of the token has been assigned for Token Sale and Bonuses in the current ICO.

To learn more about Heroic blockchain project and their token sales please visit the links below.







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