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Why BuuCoin?

We offer a platform to reward investors and traders via cashback, rebates and discounts.

Unlike many blockchain startups, we already have an established business which goes beyond a vision and a roadmap. Our solution make the market more effective, with higher volume and highest liquidity. Complete solution from BuuCoin is a big chance for all the investors to receive max from each of their investment in the crypto currency market.

Few Reasons to Choose BUU

1,High Secure Anony

Sending and Recieving crypto is highly secured with Private Mnemonic Key. Store Your Key to retrieve your wallet back.

2,BUU Trade

Our motto is better, faster because the market needs a crypto exchange which will not fail investors.

3,BUU Finance

Exchanging fiat to crypto and vice versa can be made through an easy app revolutionizing.

4,BUU Blockchain

The accounts can be opened using BUU and will allow a pure crypto-trading experience.

5,BUU News

BuuCoin will be polished by a news portal designed to support investors with timely market.

Perfect Mobile Wallet

The wallet can be used to buy, store and exchange. Our solution make the market more effective, with higher volume.

Complete solution from BuuCoin is a big chance for all the investors to receive maximum from each of their investment in the crypto currency market. The present crypto currency market is very competitive and it going to be more within next few months. Competition is all-time a huge benefit for an average buyer or seller as it helps him/her to get higher benefits from his purchases or investments.

Hasil gambar untuk BuuCoin

Hasil gambar untuk BuuCoin

Send BUU In a second

We’ve completely rethought the payment experience by making it simple, fun, free, and rewarding.

We know crypto can seem really hard, but BUU is here to change all that, and in the process, reshape money.

1. BUU Chat Pay is the best way to send money.

2. Paying has never been this much fun.

3. Pay anyone , anytime for free while doing chat.

How it Works

Our mission is to provide everyone with high and useful reward for his/her trading, purchase and investment.

Our goal is to make the cryptocurrency market grow faster and help to maximize profits for all the backers who trusted in the decentralised crypto market.

1. Wallet for Buying, Storing and Using Cryptos

2. Online Trading Platform with Token-Based Trading Accounts

3. Reliable up-to-date news source for crypto trading

4. Streamlined Crypto Rewarding Platform

BUU Debit Card

We issue DEBIT CARDS for owners of BUU COIN account.

With the help of our debit cards, holders of BUU wallets have the opportunity to withdraw their funds from ATMs. Our debit cards are completely anonymous.

1. with your BUU COIN card you can pay for goods;

2. with your BUU COIN card you can withdraw cash from the ATM

3. we do not limit you to pay and withdraw cash from ATM.

Hasil gambar untuk BuuCoin

Token Distribution

Name: BuuCoin (BUU)

Exchange Rate: 1 BUU = 0.001 BTC

Currencies Accepted: ETH, BTC, LTC, ETC, XRP, BNB, BTG, USDT, EOS, ADA, TRX, NEM

Money Supply: 100000000 BUU

Mining Reward: 0.02719343 BUU

Genesis Block Height: 14455 BUU

Hard Cap: 40 Million USD

Soft Cap: 3 Million USD

Reward Bounty: 4%

Hash Rate: 5052060



[03 December, 2018 – 31 February, 2019]


Twitter: https://twitter.com/buucoin

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BuuCoin

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/buu-coin-426845176

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/buucoin

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/BuuCoin

Medium: https://medium.com/@buucoin

GitHub: https://github.com/nebcoin/BUUCOIN

Whitepaper: https://buucoins.io/buu/css/img/BUU-Whitepaper.pdf

Website: https://buucoins.io


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