Buzcoin – ICO review

Buzcoin  is a unique multifunctional platform that will take into account all the desires of its users and at the same time represent supermarkets and large social networks.

About Platform:

Because of the problem of using multiple platforms to perform different functions, the project team decided to create something magnificent, which would give access to great functionality on one platform. This will cover all application functions such as vibration, telegrams and other social networks, as well as various markets with maximum comfort. In addition, the platform will be specifically chosen to add different new functions to users, and remember their choices, innovation development will begin. 
What are the main advantages of this platform? Exceptional functionality, which we will include below:

  • social networks, video hosting, messenger;
  • music service;
  • “application in application” service;
  • buy tickets for various events;
  • online bulletin boards and auctions;
  • creation of internetshops on the platform;
  • real estate sales or rentals;
  • possible work through the platform;
  • Markets with smart contracts for the purchase and sale of goods and services;
  • and of course the exchange of crypto currencies and P2P payment commissions.
  • Also on the platform will be like a plus as a low price to make all transactions and use all of its services.

And given the functionality of this huge platform, we can say with confidence about attracting such proposals to many customers. In addition, the founder of the platform – Olga Buzova – is one of the most famous people in Russia, which will also have a good impact on the development and marketing of this platform.

Their Platform and Sales Tokens:

The token platform will be used in all platform functions and provide a large number of these offers, people can confidently say about their large turnover and after price increases. 1 token platform costs 10 cents. Minimum investment is 10 dollars. Pre-sale tokens are from April 18 to May 18, general sales tokens will take place from June 18 to September 16 or until tokens are fully sold. The project hardcap is 210 million dollars.


Because of the distribution of tokens, we can say the following: 75% will be sold during ICO, 10% is allocated for development of reserves and platforms, 13% for teams and 2% for prize programs.

Because of the distribution of funds collected, we can say that they will go entirely to the development and research of the platform, and to be more precise: 41% will go to research, development and platform design, 33% to equipment and services on the platform, 19% to platform integration and 7%% for future platform development and expansion.


At the expense of plans for platform development, we can say the following: in April 2018, pre-sale tokens, in June-September, are large sales periods. In September, the generation and distribution of tokens will take place, in the fourth quarter, actions will begin to develop platforms and purchase equipment. 
In the first quarter 2019 the original version of the product will be released. In the second quarter – the launch of the mobile version platform, the courier with the ability to call, the online shopping platform, and the beginning of the prize platform participants for action on the platform. In the 3rd quarter, messengers will have P2P payments, video hosting and streaming platforms, various applications on the platform will be launched, video calls will appear and group purchases will be activated.
In the 4th quarter, the beta version of the application on the platform (application in the application) + launch of the application for housing search, will launch a recruitment application. And in early 2020, launch B2B market segments and will increasingly develop platforms.

In conclusion, with confidence I can say that this platform is really a very cool project. All of its functions are all that is needed to fully meet the needs of network users. And low fees for transactions on the platform – other bonuses for their functions. I am sure that all this will attract many users. For more detailed information about the platform, you can read information documents. Good luck!


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