Introducing The Brand New Buzzex Exchange.


Buzzex Coin (BZX) Benefits:

  • Get discount on Trading from 5% to 100%
    Get Rewarded through Staking and Masternodes
    Upto 80% of Trading fee shared with Buzzex Coin holders
    Vote on coins to be listed on exchange
    Vote on Proposals to Grow the ecosystem

The Buzzex Exchange is being created in order to allow traders to trade at a 100% discount and grow their crypto portfolio as well. At the same time they will be able to have a say in the company by being able to vote on new coins being listed and how the monthly budget from the blockchain will be spent.

Buzzex Coin Specs:

  • Coin Name: Buzzex Coin
    Coin Ticker: BZX
    Algorithm: Quark/POS
    Masternode Collateral: 10,000
    Initial Supply: 750,000,000
    Pre-Mine: Distributed according to our Whitepaper
    Block Reward: 30 MN / 10 Staking / 10 Budget
    Block Time: 60 Seconds
    Yearly Inflation: 3.504% Year 1

The Buzzex Coin has been created in order to function as the utility coin of the Buzzex Exchange. The main difference with for instance Binance Coin is that traders simply need to hold the coin in order to get a trading discount, rather than paying with the coin to get a discount. So more traders simply means more holders of BZX. Traders that hold 20,000 BZX will get a 100% discount on trading fees when trading on Buzzex. Traders that hold an additional 20,000 BZX will also earn up to 80% of company profits in the form of daily dividends and weekly airdrops.


Buzzex Coin Wallet:

Want to run a Buzzex Coin Masternode?

This script makes it very easy to set one up:

Linux QT-wallet & automatic masternode script (VPS)

IMPORTANT: Please read this info and follow the steps after downloading the wallet to make it synch fast: (First Thing To Do After Downloading Your Buzzex Coin Wallet)

Current contests/bounties:

Any More Questions?

Feel free to ask below!


I am one of the official Buzzex Global Ambassadors.
Feel free to direct any questions about the exchange to me in this thread.

You can earn 500 BZX by doing the listing vote. Once a coin gets listed, all verified members who have voted for that coin will get the 500 BZX reward (valued at 65$) (BUZZEX « » Exchange The Future)

The head of the project is a member of my Telegram group and we have unofficially gotten the confirmation that ONION will be one of the coins that will get listed at launch or soon after. I recommend all of you to go vote and claim the reward before it is too late.





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