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Meet one amongst the few corporations that have already got an entire purposeful project already in place: BitFXT https://bxtcoin.io/. it’s no secret that this exchanges have several issues thanks to that users suffer. Stock exchanges, dangerous client service, ability to speak with support, as a rule solely in one language, weak market liquidity and insignificant technical design, traders face these issues on a daily basis. With the emergence of BitFXT, of these issues ar eliminated. BitFXT has created the biggest crypto charge per unit in continent, and has quickly simplified, subjection traders’ heart with simplicity and stability. In our opinion, there ar primarily 2 differing types of change: those inquisitive about enactment currencies; and solely people who have an interest in cryptography. By building a lot of stress on cryptography, we have a tendency to ar building a hybrid of each. although they’re little currently, we have a tendency to believe that web crypto exchange exchanges are going to be quite Fiat-based modification within the close to future. they’re going to play AN progressively necessary role within the world of finance and that we decision it the new paradigm Bitfxt; Bitcoin Forex technology. together with your facilitate, Bitfxt can create a excellent crypto exchange that may strengthen the longer term of crypto-money finance . Other ICOs and coins were hoping to be listed on numerous exchanges and were thwarted by the shortage of community, liquidity, use and volume.


  • Name: BITFXT token
  • Symbol: bxt
  • Decimal Number: 8
  • Total offer: 20.000.000
  • Total delivery: 14.000.000
  • Min. Attendance: 0.01 ETH
  • Soft cover: 2,000 ETH
  • Hard border: 5,000 ETH
  • Accepted BTC, ETH and LTC

Our Team

Bitfxt team is made up of passionate fintech / blockchain developers and enthusiasts who are committed to seeing a more trasparent and secure ecosystem.

For details Information

Website : https://bxtcoin.io
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BTT Username: enuy007

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