CANLEAD – aims to provide incentives for people to share and get from whatever opportunities they fi

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This new Canlead platform provides an experience for users who want to join in having an efficient ecosystem that is decentralized against the blockchain. provide good opportunities for a better future, learn perfectly in an interconnected network. The Canlead project is a catalyst for the 4th energy industry that enables resources to become more environmentally friendly in the economy. making this project built for the future and also making this project useful for users.

The aim of Canlead is to unite and enhance the concept of social networking, economic sharing, ecosystem tokens and enable developers to create consensus-based applications that have standardization, scalability and interoperability. Canlead does this by creating the ultimate multi-party tokenized incentive system where everyone in the network is motivated to appreciate because of the reward system and for the sharing of opportunities and translations. Selling products and recruiting special people rely on companies or individuals to link unique opportunities with talented candidates or entities. While the system works quite well for most transactions, there are still inherent weaknesses of the model based on trust, speed of delivery and disputes.

Why canlead?

At Canlead, we believe that your net worth is the value of every reference opportunity that you share with your network.

What is the Canlead Platform?

Canlead is the latest design platform in the business world, with a variety of services provided from the Canlead platform ranging from recruitment, sales and business development. Canlead also provides services where users can later use the Canlead platform with an online system that is more environmentally friendly and efficient in the business world to be able to share what you want.

Vision and mission

Referrals, recommendations and word of mouth have become the norm in the way people refer others to both marketing and recruitment from the very beginning. At present, technological advancements have reached a point where opportunities can be changed, shared, referenced, and obtained in a decentralized network. With this realization, Canlead aims to provide incentives for people to share and get from whatever opportunities they find in the chain.

Canlead makes work, products, placements and ad directives easy, fun and safe. We check personal profiles and feature lists, support intelligent messaging systems so that clients (hosts), sources (leaders) and friends (candidates) can communicate with confidence and manage a reliable platform to transfer and collect payments (tokens).

Our solution: Canlead platform

what is the solution to the Conlead platform that develops economic models that promise every user the opportunity to disrupt and change traditional business intermediaries that are less efficient for users. The economic model developed by the Canlead platform can overcome problems that can be detrimental and offer advantages over other economies.

First CANDLEAD is the opportunity to share good with economic models
a solution for everyone in the world to earn income by referring people
– people implementing good technology with blockchain technology
have good transparency that will make risk management too
good reputation and responsible platform
high safe to control evidence and client privacy.
Let’s see now CANLEAD will make an IEO exchange in August 2019, in September 2019, and then October 2019, the launch date will be announced 1 week before launch.

Details of CANLEAD :

Token Name: CAND
Platform: Ethereum

Type: Utility
Price: $ 0.0333
Tokens for sale: 1,000,000,000 CAND
For sale: 600,000,000 CAND

Hardcap: $ 20,000,000
PREICO 2019-06-01 – 2019-08-01
Starting 29 days 11 hours
2019-08-02 – 2019-10-01

Receive ETH, BTC, Fiat
Minimum investment of 100 USD
Great Britain
KYC White List / KYC & White List

Community that is built on trust

Canlead starts when we provide opportunities and recommendations to the supplier community and our customers who are looking for deals, be they jobs, products or services. We now provide online services for customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) who can create a Canlead user account so they can list their unique features or send their friends.

Invite friends and create your network.

Canlead Network allows you to invite your contacts to join Canlead and add it as a connection, it’s that easy!

Reach qualified candidates without agency costs.

Canlead Explore allows leaders to look for referral opportunities on the Canlead platform, so they can send the right candidates to their owners in minutes.

Chat for communication and community.

Canlead Chat allows you to communicate with each other, ask questions, respond to questions, arrange meetings, and negotiate costs in person.

                                                         Our team

More details about Canlead Platform :

Whitepaper: https: // drive.

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