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Canlead unites and enhances the ideas of interpersonal interaction, economic sharing.
What’s more, the biological system is token, and allows engineers to make deals compiling applications based on institutionalization, adaptability and interoperability. Canlead did this by compiling a multi-party motivator framework with patents in which all members were persuaded to be interested.
Selling goods in B2B and B2C conditions. Although this function is quite impressive to date, this trust-based model has many inherent weaknesses.
Customary installment exchange fees depend on opportunity estimates, limiting
the most extreme measure of exchange. Generally, installment suppliers, for example, PayPal, Worldpay or Stripe charge an exchange fee of 3%, which can be maintained at a strategic distance from using disconnected techniques or making installments at the smart stage without confiding in collecting.

Why Tokenizing Opportunity?

Our story began when we provided Opportunities and Referrals to our community of suppliers and customers looking for a deal, be it a job, product or service. Now, we provide an online service of customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) who can choose to create a Canlead user account so they may list their unique opportunities or refer their friends.

According to a familiar adage; means, motive, and opportunity is a common summation of the three aspects of a deal that must be established before an agreement can possibly be reached. By this logic, a deal would not have occurred had the entrepreneur not had (1) the product necessary to close a deal, (2) the actionable intent to complete the deal, and (3) a chance at following through on intention.

Canlead is solving the following problem using the blockchain:

Tokenis opportunities based on the Canlead Opportunity Sharing Economic Model.
Canlead provides an opportunity to monetize social networks and reputation through sharing and income.
There is a reduction in the complexity of payments, cross-border payments, billing and settlement.
Access to higher-quality talent globally at lower costs.
Reducing waste of opportunities in the multi-billion dollar market.

                                Examples of using company employees

What is needed is an open door division and a referral stage with an installment framework that relies on cryptographic evidence instead of trust, allowing two parties who agree to legally conduct and charge one another without conditions for outsiders. Unchanging exchanges protect traders or tenants from misstatements, and the escrow component routinely secures drivers or buyers.

Canlead introduces CAND Tokens to ECONOMIC DISTRIBUTION OF OPPORTUNITIES, helping you refer people to opportunities and appreciate successful referrals. Furthermore, CAND tokens are utility tokens even though people get tokens by performing certain tasks on the network or they can buy tokens to get access to the Opportunities they want from the Platform – people don’t buy tokens in hopes of getting profit then they contribute in hopes of getting Opportunities.

Case of using a recruitment agent

Token Details

All funds contributed to the sale of tokens will be used only for product development, marketing and support.

Token Name: CAND
Token type: Utility
Price Token: $ 0.0333 USD
Token Issued: 1,000,000,000
Tokens for sale: 600,000,000
Blockchain: Ethereum
Protocol: ERC20
Receive Currency: ETH
Hard Cap Limit: 20,000,000 USD
Bonus: Available

Canlead consists of a number of experienced technologists and entrepreneurs who have led the Fintech industry with 20 years of experience each. Our professional experience varies from initiating huge multi-million dollar programs, making highly complex multi-tenant SaaS platform roadmaps to providing expensive software solutions and employing global DevOps teams to provide capabilities that cover a variety of geographies.

Why Tokenizing Opportunities?

Our story begins when we provide Opportunities and References to the supplier community and our customers are looking for deals, be they jobs, products or services. Now, we provide online customer services (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) who can choose to create a Canlead user account so they can register their unique opportunities or refer their friends.

According to the familiar saying; means, motives, and opportunities are the general summation of the three aspects of the agreement that must be established before an agreement can be reached. With this logic, an agreement will not occur if the entrepreneur does not have (1) the product needed to close the agreement, (2) the intention that can be followed up to complete the agreement, and (3) the opportunity to follow up with intention.

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