CANLEAD – Decentralized Job Opportunity Sharing Platform

Hello everyone, on this occasion I will provide information about a very interesting project for you to see, in a new cryptocurrency named CANLEAD. Before heading to the discussion, I think we all agree that blockchain technology still requires efforts that encourage adoption to continue to grow and continue to grow in the future.

What is a CAND Token?

Canlead introduces CAND Tokens to ECONOMIC DISTRIBUTION OF OPPORTUNITIES, helping you refer people to opportunities and appreciate successful referrals. Furthermore, CAND tokens are utility tokens even though people get tokens by performing certain tasks on the network or they can buy tokens to get access to the Opportunities they want from the Platform – people don’t buy tokens in hopes of getting profit then they contribute in hopes of getting Opportunities.

About Us:

Canlead Ltd (reg No. 10524761), headquartered in London, United Kingdom, operates an online property recruitment and advertising market that can be accessed through its websites and mobile applications. Members can use services to post business opportunities such as jobs or services and make referrals to get additional income. Canlead aims to be a decentralized opportunity sharing platform that creates trust between parties in the global economy.

Our Vision and Mission:

Recommendations, referrals and word of mouth have become the norm in the way people refer others to unique opportunities from the very beginning. Today, technological advancements have reached a point where opportunities can be tokened, shared, referenced and obtained in decentralized networks. With this realization, Canlead aims to provide incentives for people to share and get from whatever opportunities they find in the chain.

Why the Blockchain:

Blockchain technology offers several benefits and advantages in the real world.
Tokens connect opportunities with users and value successful referrals. In addition, tokens open all product features and services.

A decentralized and distributed ledger provides users with a safe and secure system, giving them the confidence that no business can change the record system.

The consensus mechanism removes each centralized control body to allow network participants to validate transactions, proof of opportunities and referrals, and add clarity to businesses and users.

Canlead’s Problem Solves with the Blockchain:

Tokenis opportunities based on the Canlead Opportunity Sharing Economic Model. Earn income from social networks and reputation through sharing and income. Solve evidence of opportunities and references. Add transparency and reduce waste of opportunities on the multibillion-dollar market. Providing access to higher talent quality globally at lower costs. Reducing the complexity of payments, cross-border payments, billing and settlement.

Investing in Blockchain Technology and its Future:

We are committed to building an economic 3.0 Web sharing application platform and contributing to the 4th industrial revolution. Canlead invests in the development of blockchain technology in the future and leads the community towards a better and smarter future.

Terms of Sale of Canlead Tokens:

CAND is a utility token and coin opportunity. This is used for all transactions among participants in the Canlead ecosystem.

All funds contributed to the sale of tokens will be used only for product development, marketing and support.




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