Canlead ICO Platform Review

Canlead unites and enhances the ideas of interpersonal interaction, sharing economies.

What’s more, the token biological system, and enables engineers to make accord put together applications based with respect to institutionalization, adaptability and interoperability. Canlead does this by structure a multi-party tokenised motivator framework where all members are persuaded to take an interest.

Selling items in both B2B and B2C conditions. While this functions admirably enough to date, the trust-based model has numerous inborn shortcomings.

The customary installment exchange cost is dependant on the estimation of the chance, restricting

the most extreme viable exchange measure. Commonly, installment suppliers, for example, PayPal, Worldpay or Stripe charge a 3% exchange expense, which can be maintained a strategic distance from by utilizing a disconnected technique or making installments over a savvy stage without a confided in gathering.

What is required is an open door sharing and referral stage with an installment framework dependent on cryptographic evidence rather than trust, enabling any two agreeable partakers to execute legitimately and cost-successfully with one another without the requirement for an outsider. Exchanges that are unchanging would shield merchants or hirers from misrepresentation, and routine escrow components secure referrers or purchasers.

Canlead is introducing the CAND Token to the OPPORTUNITY SHARING ECONOMY, helping you refer people to opportunities and rewarding successful referrals. Furthermore, the CAND token is a utility token even though people earn tokens by performing certain tasks in the network or they can buy tokens to get access to the Opportunity they want from the Platform — people are not buying tokens with the expectation of profit then they are contributing with the expectation of getting the Opportunity.

Canlead is solving the following problems using the blockchain:

Tokenising opportunities based on the Canlead Opportunity Sharing Economy Model.

Canlead provide an opportunity for monetizing the social networks and reputation through sharing and earning.

There is reduction in complexity of payment, cross-border payment, billing and settlement.

Acces to higher quality of talents globally at lower cost.

Reducing opportunity wastage in a multi-billion dollars market.

Why Does Canlead Use The Blockchain?

The blockchain technology offers several real-world benefits and advantages.

The token connects opportunities with users and rewards successful referrals. Furthermore, the token unlocks all product features and services.

A decentralised and distributed ledger provides users with a safe and secure system, giving them the confidence that no business can change the system of records.

A consensus mechanism removes any centralised controlling body to enable network participants to validate transactions, proof of opportunity and referral, and add clarity for both the business and user.

Token Details

All funds contributed in the token sale will be used solely for the product development, marketing and support.

Token Name: CAND

Token Type: Utility

Token Price: $0.0333 USD

Token Issued: 1,000,000,000

Token For Sale: 600,000,000

Blockchain: Ethereum

Protocol: ERC20

Currency Accept: ETH

Hard Cap Limit: 20,000,000 USD

Bonus: Available

About Canlead

Canlead Ltd (reg no. 10524761) headquartered in London, UK that operates an online jobs marketplace which is accessible via its websites and mobile apps. Members can use the service to post opportunities such as jobs or services and make referrals to earn additional income. Canlead aims to be a decentralised opportunity sharing platform that creates assurance between parties in the

global economy.

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