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Canlead Limited is registered on December 14, 2016 in the United Kingdom (Regulation No. 10524761) to provide software and services. Canlead has built and maintained the Canlead beta version since 2018. Qindel Group is a technology consulting partner based in Madrid, Spain working together with Canlead, utilizing their technology to strengthen our capabilities. We are committed to building an economic 3.0 Web sharing application platform and contributing to the 4th industrial revolution. As a result, Canlead invests in the future development of ledger technology distributed, blockchain, AI and leads the community towards a better and smarter future.

Why canlead?

At Canlead, we believe that your net worth is the value of every reference opportunity that you share with your network.

Community that is built on trust

Canlead starts when we provide opportunities and recommendations to the supplier community and our customers who are looking for deals, be they jobs, products or services. We now provide online services for customers (hosts), referrers (leaders) and friends (candidates) who can create a Canlead user account so they can list their unique features or send their friends.

What is Canlead?

A new innovation platform with a good concept makes evolution to create opportunities for work, we can see there doing it easily because for all users making money by referring everyone to create opportunities on the platform and then you will get a prize in your account, and then you can get more income by doing more tasks, and then buying tokens to gain future profits, so I think that will make all new users comfortable contributing to this platform.

Trusted ability and help desk

Canlead makes work, products, placements and ad directives easy, fun and safe. We check personal profiles and feature lists, support intelligent messaging systems so that clients (hosts), sources (leaders) and friends (candidates) can communicate with confidence and manage a reliable platform to transfer and collect payments (tokens).
What is the Canlead One platform for all your opportunities and references.
Take control of your personalized online opportunities and reference applications made especially for you.

The era of blockchain technology implementation will create an ecosystem and be integrated on the platform and build, with blockchain technology on CANLEAD that makes it more useful and profitable, and then CANLEAD makes a good system with records and security for all users because there have people decentralized people who are good and control clients’ privacy very well.

Canlead Chat allows you to communicate with each other, ask questions, respond to questions, arrange meetings, and negotiate costs in person.

This Canlead Solution Problem Offers sharing opportunities based on Canlead Sharing Economy 2.0, the existing social networking platform focuses on sharing profiles. Get opportunities, references and shared links, existing competitor applications focus on referral solutions.

Solve opportunity models and confirm direction, increase transparency and reduce the loss of opportunities in multi-billion dollar markets using the Canlead Sharing Economy 2.0 model

Providing access to quality services and talents throughout the world, reducing costs and improving the quality of candidates.

Reduced complexity in cross-border billing, payment, payment and settlement.


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Benefits and features of CANLEAD :

CANDLEAD First is sharing good opportunities with economic models
a solution for everyone in the world to earn income by referring people
implementation of good technology with blockchain technology
have good transparency that will make risk management too
good reputation and responsible platform
very safe to control the evidence and client privacy
Let’s see now CANLEAD will exchange the IEO in August 2019, in September 2019, and then October 2019, the launch date will be announced 1 week before launch.

                              Examples of using company employees

In the modern knowledge economy there are a large number of opportunities, most of which are unaffected, not used and not used, because there is limited technology that allows you to cash in.

Opportunities missed are 10 thousand or 100 thousand dollars for companies, individuals and billions of dollars for the world market.

                                     Case of using agent recruiters

If you are the owner of a recruitment agency that manages your business, or recruiters who are looking for talent according to the client’s job description, this process is complicated, expensive and time-consuming and involves many parties, which consists of many steps to identify talent. , interviews before contract, billing and payment agreements.

                                               The use of Freelancer

         Canlead Team

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