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Nowadays when people say “Big Financial Revolution” they definitely refer to cryptocurrency, blockchain technology and Bitcoin. These concepts have shocked the world with cutting-edge approaches and many benefits. If you are unsure, you should know that the cryptocurrency market capital increases rapidly every second. Cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security. Cryptocurrency lives online and is not controlled by any company or government. They also have a higher monetary value than traditional currencies. Bitcoin prices have doubled in a month and rose 180% since the beginning of 2017 due to increased demand for cryptocurrency worldwide. Because of the growth of electronic money, more and more electronic money exchanges are carried out. There are currently more than 200 electronic money. Not surprisingly, more and more companies want to join a growing market and this potential to get maximum benefits while serving the needs of users of electronic money. However, they will not be able to stand out if they offer the same function or value, so users must look for other products if they really want to contribute to something valuable. for a long time. Most of the world of cryptocurrency technology such as Bitcoin relies on the form of databases with the advantages of being able to track large and safe transaction volumes. The technology used by many digital currencies is Blockchain.

Blockchain was first implemented in 2009, and was revolutionized with Blockchain 2.0 in 2014. The Blockchain technology consists of blocks that hold transactions, where each block is interconnected through cryptography, thus forming a network. A long with the development of the digital universe, cryptocurring in the future has become an increasingly attractive proposition in the market and may not have traditional banking infrastructure. Some developing countries in the world have even implemented Blockchain-based national currencies, such as Bitcoin, and the technology is also used by several large charity projects to help those who do not have bank accounts. Blockchain also has the potential to be used outside the scope of digital currencies, and attracts many traditional financial institutions to be adopted.

Today the new project in the blockchain world is….


This represents an almost unique idea with a minimum number of similar projects! So it’s a great opportunity to get valuable.

Capella provides its platform called MATRiX.
Thanks to Internet Energy Things (IoT), consumers are given the opportunity to be interconnected in order to achieve, as well as launch, the highest quality energy networks.
With Smart City management and IoT devices, Capella offers the opportunity to create Smart Grids, which enables communication between consumers and energy producers.

Problems encountered in traditional systems

  • Slower adoption of renewable energy.
  • Centralized systems leading to hassles.
  • Energy wastage.
  • Minimum understanding of Grid and its underlying utilities.
  • Large loss of load balancing.
  • Less usage of new age technology.

Capella Coin & Blockchain Technology

A blockchain is a public ledger generated by complex computer codes that are shared among all the other participating nodes. It allows direct processing and recording of transactions between parties without third-party intervention.

Capella coin makes a difference by:

  1. The blockchain technology employed is used to adopt renewable energy. The coin will be used to buy and sell Renewable energy. Since the Capella coin uses smart contracts that run on Ethereum blockchain, this mints new Capella coins and motivates prosumers for their implanted green energy.
  2. With Capella, energy can be considered a tradable asset. The evolution of variable electricity rates will make the process of trading energy easier. The tradable commodity and energy tariffs will respond to demand and supply signals. This will enable consumers to scan through blockchain listings to find the best deals.
  3. By integrating blockchain into the energy system the capella coins can be used as a medium to trade energy and also make energy payments.


What are the benefits?

  1. Peer-to-peer Energy Trading platform- Capella has designed a native app named Matrix which will function as the trading platform bringing everyone to the table.
  2. Internet of Energy – The Internet of Energy is built on the foundation of the Internet of Things (IoT) that will empower the consumers to be interconnected to achieve and run more efficient energy grids.
  3. Smart and Instant Energy Management – With the advent of connected IoT devices and Smart city management, Capella paves way for the formation of Smart Grids that will result in communication between energy producers and consumers.
  4. AI-powered App – Capella Ecosystem is powered by Native AI-powered App Matrix that offers a plethora of options to efficiently run the Smart Grid and also help in demand management with Big Data Analytics.

What did CAPELLA do for its users?

  • Capella, put the power in the hands of people in terms of renewable energy.
  • Capella, provide power in the form of clean energy generation.
  • Capella, distribute and monetize the energy.
  • Capella provides people huge incentives and more control.
  • Using the Local Marketplace App Matrix distribution network each unit of energy will be tracked.
  • Capella, put authority in the hands of energy asset owners.
  • Capella, let you to decide who they want to sell their surplus energy to and at what price.

What are the applications on the Capella coin?


Capella coins can be used as a medium to make the trading process of energy more seamlessly. As a prosumer, you can tap into the Capella Ecosystem and facilitate the energy market transactions.


A local marketplace that trades renewable energy will bring a shift in the foundation of how green energy is being traded. Every prosumer can trade excess energy in the P2P platform without any hassles.


For prosumers who will make their home a green and efficient home can trade their excess energy among the consumers in the community-driven enterprise model. Among the localized communities, the trading of energy becomes hassle-free for consumers.


Capella ecosystem’s native AI Powered App Matrix will help a number of areas like Smart Grid Operators, demand management, Prediction using Big Data Analytics, energy storage, and recycling energy.

How will Capella Coin address the roadblocks?

  1. The Internet of Energy powered by Capella (IOE).
    The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect the data-driven, interconnected, smart devices, smart grids, prosumers and consumers alike with more efficiency.
  2. Smart and Instant energy management.
    Capella will enable the formation for Smart Grids that will enable the seamless communication between the energy producer and consumers as they are more energy-savvy that will reduce the overall usage.
  3. Creating diversity in energy.
    Energy suppliers are preferring to adapt to newer technologies that are currently being controlled by a credible number of energy suppliers. The transparent trade of green energy will bring more consumers to the table.
  4. Capella Distributed Energy Platform (CDEP).
    Capella ecosystem and its native App Matrix introduces Capella Distributed Energy Platform (CDEP) for peer-to-peer energy trading. With smarter connected devices in the smart grid there lies a crucial transformation of traditional grid to smart grid.
  5. Native AI Powered App Matrix for Capella Ecosystem.
    The AI powered App will help the Smart grid to work more efficiently along with infrastructure management that will predict the points of failure and optimize it better.


Q4 2016
Germination of idea

Q1 and Q2 2017
Identification and Formation of Team and Joining of Team Members

Q3 2017
Ideation complete and Business Plan finalized

Q4 2017
1st round of Angel Investing completed- We raised 1, 25,000 USD Started developing Capella Coin and Capella Ecosystem

Q1 2018
1st Urban Community Solar Project Identified and Implemented and transactions registered.
2nd Rural Community Project Identified and Implemented and transactions registered
2nd round of Angel Investing completed- We raised 50,000 USD

Q2 2018 – WE ARE HERE
Capella Coin Creation completed
Beta smart-contract platform developed.
Support and verification team formed.
Basic KYC framework developed.

Q3- 2018
Development of Marketplace and Trading App
Identification and implementation of Community Projects in India, East Africa, Nepal, Bangladesh, South East Asian Countries.

Token Private Pre Sale
Token Public pre Sale
ICO Token Sale
Capella Coin Listed on major exchanges

Q1 2019
Marketplace and Trading App launched in Europe and remaining Asia.
App distribution agreements extended to additional regions.
Beta open API developed.
Formation of Green Bench and benchmarking research Projects for investment
Regular Seminars, Webinars and Podcasts from our team and Advisors educating people about Renewable energy and the benefits of adopting renewable energy.

Q2 2019
Rural electrification Projects in Underdeveloped and Developing countries
Launch in North America, Middle East and South Korea.
More Community Energy Projects identified and implemented across operations area.

Q3 2019
Beta Artificial Intelligence App Developed
Open API available for developers.
Launch in Latin America.
Full AI-screening tool rolled out along with partnerships with Grid and Utilities

Q4 2019
AI App Matrix roll out complete with Big data and analytics
Complete automation of all communities and seamless integration with the AI App Matrix within the Capella Ecosystem
Start Government lobbying in various countries for Government aided projects

2020 – 2022
Organic growth of the platform.
Strategic Partnerships with Government, Quasi Government and Private players for mass rollout of Renewable energy Projects and Research initiatives
Strategic partnerships with non-crypto online marketplaces for renewable energy related equipments to enrich customer experience.
Ongoing improvements of technology to enhance marketplace experience
Significant reduction of Carbon Footprints
Aiming transactions worth 5 billion USD through our Marketplace and Energy.





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