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Nowadays, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to find a person who hasn’t heard about cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin or blockchain. The topic is extremely popular and attracts widespread attention. Even many people who previously proclaimed that Bitcoin is valueless and who had compared it with Dutch tulip mania have started to change their minds and the reason may be to do with astonishing growth numbers. Total crypto market capitalisation has experienced immense growth of more than 105 times over the period from February 2015 to February 2018, from $ 4,23 billion to $ 448,14 billion. In the same period, According to: the number of crypto tokens has grown from 510 to more than 1500. Many average Johns built themselves a fortune by buying coins and participating in ICOs sometimes with 1000x annual returns. It is the new Gold Rush and many people want to participate. But you really need to focus to this one Capital here some explanation about it..


Capital Technologies & Research announces the launch of a decentralized communication system, offering a whole new meaning to privacy, through which we will finally be able to have secure online conversations, so that our confidential data is no longer in jeopardy.

The protocol used provides one of the most secure solutions, with multiple levels of anonymity, by offering end-to-end encryption, using the blockchain technology — which takes the central servers out of the equation, thus eliminating the existent security risks that mainstream apps from the market today have. To sum up in a few words the communication is relayed between multiple random nodes, making it untraceable and undecipherable to third parties.

We all have our own digital footprint, a trail of data or traces of information that we leave behind ourselves after using online services. Privacy can take various shapes and we are not as safe as we might think. We all have things we want to keep just for ourselves, no matter if we are talking about our professional or personal information, like our earnings or new business ideas, for example.

In today’s internet era, online data has a very high value, being collected and analyzed, or even stolen. That’s one more reason for us to strive to use messaging and voice call services through which we can have secure conversations, in a reliable and transparent manner.


Capital Technologies & Research goal is to overcome the current problems in the active blockchains by dealing them with new strategies as follows:

  1. Decentralising the entire infrastructure with no point of failure allows users to have unlimited and unrestricted access all the time to the network.
  2. Allowing users to take advantage of all time end-to-end encryption assures users that no third-party can interfere in their conversation.
  3. Removing data transfer limit, allows users to share unlimited files between them.
  4. Keeping the project open source with all commits reviewed by the entire community.
  5. Total transparency of the investments & expenses of the company that it’s fully regulated under the Romanian laws.


Crowdsale Contract Address: 0x6992742729d11386f0efbf5fa5d195aa180b21b0

Capital (CALL) Token Details:

Token Address: 0x0c5d6e276f1b6d51e802343c0eb60ec876964f10
Token Name: CAPITAL
Token Symbol: CALL
Token Decimals: 18

Capital GAS (CALLG) Token Details:

Token Address: 0x1cb3d8997bc39667e9cbb2aa70203f94ecda1422
Token Symbol: CALLG
Token Decimals: 18

The Capital (CALL) and Capital GAS (CALLG) tokens are an Ethereum blockchain ERC20 smart contract and therefore they are not meant to serve as a protocol token; no new protocol or network are being launched.

The Capital (CALL) and Capital GAS (CALLG) tokens do not grant any voting rights in the Company. Furthermore, the Company does not grant any pecuniary profits to the token holders, nor any rights to claim against the Company to redeem the token for pecuniary value.

Any finally, the Capital (CALL) and Capital GAS (CALLG) tokens provide actual service to token holders, therefore their nature fits to the definition of a utility token.


We have just started the crowdsale campaign, that comes in 3 stages:

  1. Private Sale (7% of total crowdsale capacity) — (71% of total Private Sale’s supply has already been reserved in the Whitelist Program) that will last for 30 days starting from today (1 st of July 2018) — $0.35 (ENDED)
  2. Pre-Sale (17% of total crowdsale capacity)— that will last 30 days, having a capacity of 7,206,938 CALL and 1,441,387,500 CALLG) — $0.50 (ENDED)
  3. Main Sale (76% of total crowdsale capacity) — that will last 4 weeks, and it will be divided as following:

First week (40% of total Main Sale capacity) — $0.70 (ONGOING)

Second week (30% of total Main Sale capacity) — $0.80

Third week (20% of total Main Sale capacity) — $0.90

Last week (10% of total Main Sale capacity) — $1.00

Right now $4,992,323.928 Raised so far

The crowdsale portal is located at

Follow through all steps and you will receive your tokens. If you encounter any problem, contact us on our Telegram group:


For more further info please visit link below:








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