CAPVERTO Exchange is money that is advanced in the light of flexible utility tokens that greatly expand the fundamental focal points of digital money through plans that directly tend to meet the requirements of the most prohibited population in saving money.
It conveys a multifaceted bank such as understanding, focusing on prepaid cards that are easy to use as an entry sign to quickly across the sites outlined.
Meanwhile, CAPVERTO’s important Tokens (CAP) in the back-up of the center pushed the spotlight, for example, a distributed money back framework (P2P) trading financial computerized cashier stages and creative digital currency protection items.
During the normal usage range, this highlight has an impact on the fundamental estimation of a CAP that recognizes it as a convenience that can be adjusted for those who do not have a bank account and are underbanked.

About Capverto:

Comprehensively managing the account framework is the motor of monetary development and decreasing poverty. Without access to a variety of account administration management, people who do not have bank accounts must switch to outlets such as microcredit systems and payday banks to meet their money needs regardless of high borrowing costs, burden costs and are limited by a large adaptation of these options.
Those who do not have a bank account need more attractive and more customizable options.
The form of cryptographic money has an impressive guarantee in this regard. They do not need a confusing framework and administration that is generally put back together, so members in their ICO do not need to have extensive financial records or travel face to face with any branch workplace – both are normal barriers for people who do not have a bank account.
Interest is as clear as regular past several security checks to open records online, and this accompanies the benefits of focusing on lower and lower exchange costs.
To date, advanced monetary forms have taken a step by decentralizing and simplifying money-related activities that have been carried out on their own through conventional organizations and because of the use of expensive installment cards on the grounds that they need many meetings to be processed. However, these tasks have not been specifically focused on needs that do not have bank / underbanked accounts.


CAPVERTO Exchange places an ICO that focuses on those who do not have bank / underbanked accounts that guarantee that they have the opportunity to buy one of the advantages of digital currency.

Exchange offers the following:

Prepaid card program 

When it comes to prepaid programs, Capverto develops prepaid cards that serve as a link between money and cryptocurrency. For example, if you have a prepaid card, you will receive a number of CAP tokens equal to the level of the purchased card, which starts at 100 for the basic blue card.

You can use your Capverto card for purchases in stores and online. When you make a purchase on a card, up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in the CAP, which ultimately affects the value of the token. In addition, there is a full-scale reward system, which allows discounts directly from affiliated sellers.

Lend and borrow safely

Exchange Exchange Capverto provides safe and convenient P2P transfers. Instead of having to hold the cryptocurrency and hope that it will be appreciated, currency holders can give up to half of the value of their remaining assets and to gain interest. The current annual interest rate is 8 percent, the amount that lenders can get instantly. At the same time, borrowers can benefit from not relying on traditional financial institutions.

Copy the trading platform 

With Capverto, users can easily follow and copy trades and other people’s portfolios. Trading copies provide new users with an easy way to start and influence the value of CAP tokens. In this article more, because 10 percent of the profits earned on the platform, can be exchanged between genuine traders and capital Capverto. Reduction and division occurs automatically, and then the exchange reinvests its share in the CAP.

Cryptocurrency insurance 

Unique features on the platform, cryptocurrency insurance gives users peace of mind that their valuable assets are safe from theft. This product inspired the famous Mt Gox to be exchanged in Tokyo. Capverto’s exchange offers this product in partnership with RiskPoint.

Smart contract that can be expanded 

Capverto provides infrastructure with open source software, which users can use to create specific application chains. You can learn more about this from your github repository, where you can learn how to use your smart contract to create custom chains.


Token Details:

Token Details: 
Token: CAP 
Price 1 CAP = 1.82 USD 
MVP / Prototype: 
Platform  Available  : Ethereum 
Received: ETH 
Soft stamp: 1,125,000 CAP 
Hard stamp: 171,375,000 CAP 
Country: Denmark White List 
/ KYC: KYC & Whitelist
Token Distribution: 
All tokens will be distributed in the following ways:
Q4 / 2017 
The concept was born.
Q1 / 2018 
This concept is being developed.
Q2 / 2018 
Private Sales Token CAP.
Q3 / 2018 
General sales of CAP Tokens.
Q4 / 2018 
Testing of security and performance. Launch of the official Capverto Platform.
Launching the Q1 / 2019  application 
to the iPhone and Android.
Launching of the Whitelabel Q2 / 2019  solution 
Launch of Q4 / 2019  Merchant payment solution 


About perusing the subtle elements given on the site and the white book, I found that this task was honest with kindness.
It seeks business guarantees and is committed to guidelines and plans. This effort if it is moved effectively then this will bring mass and cash with it.
All audits are my tightly held beliefs that have no advice.

This is a potentially interesting project.

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