Capverto  is a unique project that aims to build cryptocurrency currency exchange by bridging banknote and cryptocurrency domains. This brings the concept of  an international prepaid card  , thus, extending the advantages of digital currency to the population most often excluded from traditional banking.

The  Capverto Exchange  specifically aims to bring the cryptocurrency closer to people who are not banked / underbanked (through an exchange platform). Furthermore, it allows peer-to-peer (P2P) transfers that are fast, convenient and attract lower costs than expensive options such as  FOREX  ,  Western Union  etc.

The banking industry has been used as a medium of financial transactions for many years to date creating more services for individuals and cooperating agencies despite the great opportunities offered there are still challenges that make some people refuse to save their money in the most banks the case from the customer’s perspective delay in transactions from bank to bank and cross-border transfers that take many days that make customers excluded from the services offered by the bank. Digital currency cryptocurrency that has not gotten mass adoption even though the most trending technology in the financial industry also innovates for fast transactions and also to reduce the challenges faced by customers by facilitating trans-border transactions.
There are challenges faced by traders that result in the loss of their financial portfolio. 

Traders cannot identify entry and there is a point in trading. 
Research has shown that many traders are emotionally motivated to trade without considering the technical and fundamental ideology of what results in the price action of the movement. By jumping onto a moving train leading to a fatal accident, the same thing applies to currency pairs when there is so much hype and there are many bull run jumps to the event and instead of cashing in their profits to lose more than 5o% of their portfolio lost in a short time. These habits and the way of trading crypto currencies and uneducated currency have made many of the statistics bankrupt and may not be able to meet basic needs in their capacity.

Lack of exchange of insurance policies
The security of crypto assets and fiat currencies is something that is not liked by every trader, the recent incident shows that there is a lot of hacking that occurs in crypto currency exchanges, let’s look at the coins that exchange them when down for so long because they are hacked from the web and a deep surface web. This hacking occurred in early January where many traders lost all their assets without returning money to platform users. It is a big problem that traders look for exchanges that will guarantee them the security of their assets when trading any platform. 
In order to make trading more effective and efficient for traders, CAPVERTO provides lasting and profitable solutions.

CAPVERTO revolutionizes digital exchange which enhances the security and profitability of crypto and fiat currency traders and provides solutions for residents in industries that do not have bank accounts. 

Capverto offers a guarantee solution for traders at all levels, they are beginners or experts in trading. Let’s look at the solution below 


Prepaid Card Program

The CAPVERTO prepaid card is a bridge between banknotes and cryptocurrency. Each card holder receives a number of CAP utility tokens that match the level of the card purchased, starting at $ 100 for the basic blue card. Like regular payment cards, CAPVERTO cards can be used for purchases in stores and online, while up to 2 percent of each transaction is reinvested in CAP, which affects the value of tokens. There is also a full gift system that allows direct discounts on affiliated merchants.

Secure and Borrowing P2P Loans

CAPVERTO Exchange is a safe and convenient platform for P2P transfers. Instead of just holding the cryptocurrency and hoping it will appreciate, individuals and organizations can lend up to half the value to date of their assets and collect interest on it. The annual interest rate is 8 percent and the amount is paid directly to the lender. Meanwhile, borrowers benefit from not having to depend exclusively on traditional financial institutions.

Copy the Trading Platform

CAPVERTO makes it easy to follow and copy trades and other people’s portfolios. Copy trading gives new participants an easy way to start, while also affecting the value of CAP tokens. Ten percent of the profits from each copy trade are automatically reduced and shared between the original trader and CAPVERTO Exchange, which in turn invests back in the CAP. Together with other influences on CAP such as transactions from card programs, copy trading ensures that the token value accurately reflects productive activities at CAPVERTO.

Cryptocurrency insurance

One of the first offers of its kind, CAPVERTO cryptocurrency insurance products provide peace of mind that your valuable assets are as safe as possible from theft. Inspired in response to landmark violations of Mt. Gox Exchange in Tokyo, this insurance is offered through a partnership with RiskPoint. It functions together with other protections including proof of address, KYC, AML, and 2-factor authentication to fend off various cybersecurity threats.

Extensible Smart Contract

CAPVERTO offers an open source framework for building special blockchain applications. Look at our GitHub repair today to learn how you can utilize our smart contracts to build private blockchain and public permits; Smart contract technology is at the heart of modern cryptocurrency, providing transparency, eternity and cryptographic security essential for optimal experience.

Capverto has brought many experts who have proven to produce trading financial instruments. These experts are the most trendy and popular traders who when their signals are copied and pasted for each trading pair will generate huge profits for the traders. These experts use technical and fundamental analysis to ensure there are benefits to be disbursed before the signal is issued for all to copy and paste to get maximum benefit. With the help of a strong platform, the CAPVERTO team has put the issue of when to enter and there are trades that have been permanently solved. Thanks to the team, there will be no more defeats when you use CAPVERTO signals. 

Cryptocurrency insurance
At The Heart of the CAPVERTO Exchange, CAPVERTO provides peace for traders why trade without worrying about the safety and security of their assets. Capverto partnered with Risk Point to provide an insurance policy in the event of an unexpected situation. Platform users allow it to pass KYC / AML to be able to comply with and benefit from insurance policies. 

table below gives you a summary of why CAPVERTO is unique and cannot be compared to other existing platforms and because its uniqueness is now a trend on all social media and Wall Street.

Token Distribution

Fund Distribution


Q1 / 2018
The idea is under development
Q3 / 2018
General sale of CAP Tokens
Q1 / 2019
Launching the application to iPhone and mechanical humans
Q4 / 2019
Launching answers to merchandiser fees
Q4 / 2017
Conception born
Q2 / 2018
Personal sale of Token CAP
Q4 / 2018
Customary security and performance usually glance. Launch of the professional Capverto Platform
Q2 / 2019
Whitelabel answer launch

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