Capverto’s promise is to use the potential and power of crypto-terminations to support the non-bank population of the world. 

 For most readers of this article, it is possible to store money in a bank, credit union, other traditional financial institution, or even an encrypted wallet. Most consider it simple to make full use of the reliable tools and functions offered by the modern banking system.

However, 700 million people, who, thanks to advances in technology and banking accessibility, opened their first bank account from 2011 to 2014, most likely consider their affordable security and flexibility more privileged.

Unfortunately, there are another 2 billion non-banking people in the world. Many of them are in developing countries. But some, 9 million, in fact, live in the United States.

These individuals are joined by another 24.5 million US residents who are “under-banks”, which means that they do not have the financial resources to take full advantage of banking collateral, forcing them to turn to less scrupulous money managers, such as lenders, pawn shops and micro lenders. This leads to the fact that up to 5 percent of their income goes to get the money they earned.

This is a broken system, and one Capverto seeks change. Cryptocurrency has long been touted as a viable alternative to traditional banking, especially for people with limited financial, transportation, or technological resources. Benefits of cryptography: lower and lower transaction fees, unchangeable block-based recording that records all transactions, and smooth, reliable access to your account.

But until now, cryptocurrency was not intended specifically for the needs of non-banking and non-banking ones. Capverto and its CAP token have been specifically designed to target these groups of people through a system that goes beyond the scalability and availability of traditional funds with the technical elegance of cryptocurrency. 
Capverto Prepaid Card Program

Capverto is based on a prepaid card. A prepaid or gift card is a new, noticeable but reliable financial instrument that has grown exponentially over the past two decades. According to forecasts, in the next 4 years the market will exceed 3 trillion dollars. Gift cards and prepaid cards satisfy the need for flexibility, availability and guaranteed low commissions.

The Capverto Card is a multi-level, internationally available tool that links fiat payments to wallets, vault, and cash / token management. Capverto plans to integrate its prepaid card from the very beginning of the program in order to create affordable service for 2 billion people around the world who need such a tool.

Map levels are color coded for ease of navigation. The most basic Capverto card is blue, followed by gold, platinum and black. Platinum and black are only invitation options. The blue card is valued at $ 100 via ICO, and this amount is transferred to CAP utility tokens when purchased.

CAP tokens must be kept for at least six months. This is an advantage for cardholders, as the CAP value will increase with the increase in transactions both on Capverto exchange accounts and on fiat-like purchases.

CAP-related cards are also used to reinvest up to 2 percent of the transaction value into the platform each time the card is used. This allows a cash reward system for transactional users of the platform when they use the card in related retail and service institutions. 
Combining it all on the Capverto platform

With the prepaid Capverto card, the problems of fiat-crypto exchange, the need for financial incentives, not fines for non-bank people, as well as the sustainability of the CAP token, are solved. Users can additionally use other Capverto features, such as portability, P2P lending and borrowing, as well as insurance that goes beyond the security provided by the blockchain platform.

In other words, using the Capverto option card is not just a tool for meeting the immediate needs of a non-banking business. This is the door to new opportunities and money management options that in the traditional banking world would never be available to them. The Capverto prepaid card has the potential to change people’s financial future for the better.



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