Cardonio (CDN) cash VISA card is multi-platform with NFC and Apple Pay

Cardonio is a leading payment card arranged in items that must be owned by each Bitcoin holder and / or Ether Cryptocurrency. Besides that it is perfect for anyone who spends money in foreign currencies throughout the world. Especially designed as a solution for those in the Cryptocurrency community, what makes Cardonio such an interesting and unique opportunity is that cardholders can secure an instant credit line using no more than existing Crypto ownership as security.
> Payment System
The electronic payment system has grown rapidly over the past few decades due to the increasing spread of banking and internet-based shopping. As the world develops with technological developments, we can see the emergence of electronic payment systems and payment processing devices. As the increase, increase and provision of safer online payment transactions, the percentage of check and cash transactions will decrease.
One of the most popular forms of online payment is credit and debit cards. Apart from them, there are also alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards or bitcoin wallets (Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency).
The following is a payment system that is often used by people
  • E-wallet – A form of prepaid account that stores users’ financial data, such as debit and credit card information to make online transactions easier.
  • Smart card – A plastic card with a microprocessor that can be filled with funds to make transactions; also known as chip cards.
An electronic payment system is created to facilitate receipt of electronic payments for online transactions. With the growing popularity of online shopping, electronic payment systems are a must for online consumers – to make shopping and banking more comfortable. It comes with many benefits, such as: 
  • Reaching more clients from all over the world, which results in more sales.
  • More effective and efficient transactions – This is because transactions are carried out in seconds (with one click), without wasting customer time. It comes with speed and simplicity.
  • Convenience. Customers can pay for goods on the e-commerce website anytime and anywhere. They only need a device that is connected to the internet. As simple as that!
  • Lower transaction costs and reduce technology costs.
  • Control costs for customers, because they can always check their virtual accounts where they can find transaction history.
  • At present, it’s easy to add payments to a website, so even non-technical people can apply it in minutes and start processing online payments.
  • Payment gateways and payment providers offer a very effective security and anti-fraud tool for making transactions reliable.
Speaking of the payment system, we want to discuss the payment platform that crypto fans must have around the world, this platform is named Cardonio. As explained earlier, Cardonio is the leading payment card that is set to be a Bitcoin and / or a must-have Cryptocurrency Ether.
What are the benefits of using Cardonio;
  • Visa card, low interest rates, without annual fees
  • Make fiat purchases smoothly
  • Spend a lot of currency 
Imagine the prospect of making a purchase today of $ 10,000 for an argument is 1BTC. When payments are due within 90 days, BTC prices may be above $ 12,000, which means you have saved more than 20% on the purchase price.
> Main features
  • Give the general public the opportunity to make purchases via Ether or Bitcoin using a physical card similar to a standard credit / debt account.
  • Make purchases wherever credit / debt cards are accepted traditionally – Received both online and for traditional POS card payments.
  • The subtle difference between Cardonio cards and the way people use credit cards historically is that (behind the scenes) the right number of purchases through Cardonio Card will be exchanged in real-time from ETH / BTC. This will occur when the Card is swiped at an ATM or POS payment gateway, with the remaining balance stored securely in the customer’s personal wallet that can only be accessed by them.
  • Exchange money with the perfect interbank exchange rates using the Cardonio mobile app.
  • Enjoy the perfect interbank rates every time a purchase is made using Cardonio Card.
  • Send money from Cardonio App in 23 currencies and from 120 countries around the world for free.
  • Sending money between Cardonio App users is not only free, but also real-time. The money sent will be immediately available on the Cardonio Card recipient.
> Market
The cryptocurrency market looks bullish, and according to certain experts, one day it can be worth a market capitalization of at least $ 40 trillion. An expert who believes it will reach $ 40 trillion is the founder of Pantera Capital, and Morehead. He positively highlighted – “the industry as a whole is $ 400 billion. That can easily reach $ 4 trillion, and $ 40 trillion will be possible. “So you don’t need to worry about the cryptocurrency market that Cardonio wants to enter, because this market will grow bigger in the coming year.

How does Cardonio work? 

Instant credit approval is a prepaid credit card from Cardonio with one of the 10 main crypto currencies. 

You can use it anywhere in the world – make paid purchases using Cardonio credit cards, use your CDO tokens as protection. 

Pay for your purchase immediately – get up to 90 days, to pay your purchase bill, use CDO tokens or other crypto currencies. 
Crypto credit cards:
Standard credit cards  (red, blue and green):

0,25% кэш бэк на все покупки;
500$ - лимит снятия средств (2% комиссионных сборов);
500$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (0,5% комиссионных сборов);
неограниченная поддержка;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.

To get a standard Cardonio card, you must buy at least 500 CDO tokens. For this card, you do not need to hold the CDO token in your account. 
Frozen White (Chillingly White)

0,5% кэш бэк на все покупки;
1000$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1,75% комиссионных сборов);
1000$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (ежемесячно 0,5% комиссионных сборов);
неограниченная поддержка;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.

To get a Frozen White Credit Card, you must have at least 2500 CDO tokens and hold them for at least 30 days. 
Limited Gold Edition (Limited Gold Series)

1% кэш бэк на все покупки;
2500$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1,5% комиссионных сборов);
2500$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (ежемесячно 0,5% комиссионных сборов);
ограниченная серия для 50000 первых клиентов;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.

To get a Limited Edition Gold Card, Cardonio, you must have at least 10,000 CDO tokens and hold it for at least 90 days. 
Limited Edition Black (Limited Black Series)

2% кэш бэк на все покупки;
20 000$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1% комиссионных сборов);
Безлимитный переводов от одного лица другому;
ограниченная серия для 1000 первых клиентов;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.

To get a Limited Edition Black Credit Card, you must have at least 50,000 CDO tokens and hold them for at least 180 days. 
Characteristics of Cardonio Tokens (CDO): 
Cardonio (CDO): ​​ERC20 Ethereum token. 
Price: 1 CDO = 0.02 $ 

Token Sale CDO:
PRE SALE с 15 августа 2018 (100 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 0,02$;
ФАЗА 1 с 15 сентября 2018 (100 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 0,10$;
ФАЗА 2 с 15 октября 2018 (100 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 0,20$;
ФАЗА 3 с 15 ноября 2018 (25 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 0,40$;
ФАЗА 4 с 15 декабря 2018 (25 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 0,80$;
ФИНАЛЬНАЯ ФАЗА с 15 янавря 2019 (10 миллионов CDO), 1 CDO = 1,50$.

Непроданные токены на каждом из этапов будут переведены на заключительный этап, а затем в резерв компании.

In December 2018, it is planned to launch a beta version for iOS and Android. Service connection with Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Android Pay. 
February-March 2019 – Announcement and promotion to foreign markets. Register from the start of HitBTC. 
March 10, 2019 – online maps are available for all users (platforms for loans and loans are launched). 
After the final sale of CDO tokens, crypto currencies will soon be available on various exchanges: Confirmed HitBTC, Bitrex, Binance and Poloniex. 
You can use your digital or physical card in any country that accepts VISA. 
What is the beauty of this credit card ?! In that case it is adopted wherever VISA cards are accepted, that is everywhere, in this case it will immediately support Apple Pay and other non-contact payment systems, and return refunds from purchases from 0.25% to 2%. 
At present, AirDrop from the given project has passed. You can get 200 CDOs, you have to register on the project website, then go to Cardonio telegram; pass a simple captcha and enter the e-mail address you registered for the account. Liknut project on Facebook, subscribe to Twitter (follow the instructions from the bot), after that you will be credited with 200 CDO, which at this stage is $ 4 = 268 rubles. At the end of the Sales Token, the rate will increase to $ 1.50 per 1 CDO and it turns out we have a chance of around $ 300 = 20,100 rubles (assuming a fixed price when entering the stock).
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