Cardonio is  
 a state-of-the-art payment card for all Bitcoin holders

Cardonio – ultramodern payment card for crypto currency owners. In addition, it is perfect for those who spend money in foreign currencies throughout the world. 
You only need to store ETH / BTC in your wallet and when you want to make a purchase, the system will exchange your coins (BTC, ETH, etc.) with the current exchange rate to the currency, after which payment will be made for this purchase. Crypto currency exchange is absolutely free for users. Cardonio will not charge a monthly / annual fee for card use and maintenance, and for withdrawals from ATMs. 
The application of Cardonio in a simple example of life:
David used the Cardonio card for travel expenses, for this he refilled for 1 ETH, before leaving England. Arriving in the US, he had to pay $ 16 for lunch at a local restaurant. All that is needed is to draw a card in the standard EFTPOS terminal. 
Cardonio’s server immediately made an interbank exchange rate. Calculate. $ 16.00 equivalent to 12.30GBP (GBP – British pound) at that time. Based on the highest daily rate for ETH, an exchange between GBP and ETH will be made. 12.30GBP = 0.057 ETH at that time. Cardonio’s currency exchange will not take additional fees or additional fees. Cardonio will also include transaction fees with GBP and ETH exchange rates (such rates are usually imposed on crypto exchanges or fund transfers). There is no fee to exchange GBP and USD. In the end, the user receives the best exchange rate at no additional cost. 
The situation with BTC is similar to the one described above, only BTC will be converted first to ETH at the best exchange rate at no additional cost. 
You can send money from the Cardonio application in 23 currencies from 120 countries in the world, absolutely free. 
Credit limit on Cardonio cards:
The maximum credit limit on the card will be calculated at the level of 85%.

Пример: цена токена CDO = 5$, клиент вкладывает 100 токенов в свой Cardonio кошелек кредитной карты. Рыночная стоимость такого вклада равна 500$. Таким образом клиент сможет потратить 85% суммы вклада, т.е. 425$ в день.

At present, Cardonio supports 10 Crypto currencies with 60% rates, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Cash Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tether, Monero, NEO, DASH, Cardano. 
Furthermore, other crypto currencies (which will be most common in the market) will also be added. 

What are the benefits of using Cardonio;
  • Visa card, low interest rates, without annual fees
  • Make fiat purchases smoothly
  • Spend a lot of currency 
Imagine the prospect of making a purchase today of $ 10,000 for an argument is 1BTC. When payments are due within 90 days, BTC prices may be above $ 12,000, which means you have saved more than 20% on the purchase price.
> Main features
  • Give the general public the opportunity to make purchases via Ether or Bitcoin using a physical card similar to a standard credit / debt account.
  • Make purchases wherever credit / debt cards are accepted traditionally – Received both online and for traditional POS card payments.
  • The subtle difference between Cardonio cards and the way people use credit cards historically is that (behind the scenes) the right number of purchases through Cardonio Card will be exchanged in real-time from ETH / BTC. This will occur when the Card is swiped at an ATM or POS payment gateway, with the remaining balance stored securely in the customer’s personal wallet that can only be accessed by them.
  • Exchange money with the perfect interbank exchange rates using the Cardonio mobile app.
  • Enjoy the perfect interbank rates every time a purchase is made using Cardonio Card.
  • Send money from Cardonio App in 23 currencies and from 120 countries around the world for free.
  • Sending money between Cardonio App users is not only free, but also real-time. The money sent will be immediately available on the Cardonio Card recipient.
How does Cardonio work? 

Instant credit approval is a prepaid credit card from Cardonio with one of the 10 main crypto currencies. 

You can use it anywhere in the world – make paid purchases using Cardonio credit cards, use your CDO tokens as protection. 

Pay for your purchase immediately – get up to 90 days, to pay your purchase bill, use CDO tokens or other crypto currencies.
Crypto credit card:
Standard credit cards (red, blue and green):
0,25% кэш бэк на все покупки;
500$ - лимит снятия средств (2% комиссионных сборов);
500$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (0,5% комиссионных сборов);
неограниченная поддержка;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.
To get a standard Cardonio card, you must buy at least 500 CDO tokens. For this card, you do not need to hold the CDO token in your account.
Frozen White (Chillingly White)
0,5% кэш бэк на все покупки;
1000$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1,75% комиссионных сборов);
1000$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (ежемесячно 0,5% комиссионных сборов);
неограниченная поддержка;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.
To get a Frozen White Credit Card, you must have at least 2500 CDO tokens and hold them for at least 30 days.
Limited Edition Gold (Limited Gold Series)
1% кэш бэк на все покупки;
2500$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1,5% комиссионных сборов);
2500$ - ежемесячный лимит переводов от одного лица другому (ежемесячно 0,5% комиссионных сборов);
ограниченная серия для 50000 первых клиентов;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.
To get a Limited Edition Gold Card, Cardonio, you must have at least 10,000 CDO tokens and hold it for at least 90 days.
Limited Edition Black (Limited Black Series)
2% кэш бэк на все покупки;
20 000$ - лимит снятия средств (ежемесячно 1% комиссионных сборов);
Безлимитный переводов от одного лица другому;
ограниченная серия для 1000 первых клиентов;
нет ежемесячной и годовой платы за карту.
To get a Limited Edition Black Credit Card, you must have at least 50,000 CDO tokens and hold them for at least 180 days.
> Sales Tokens
Token name
Cardonio Token
Initial offer August 15 2018 $ 0.02, PHASE 1: September 15 2018 $ 0.10, PHASE
Starting date
August 15, 2018
Completion Date
15 Feb 2019
Total Supply
550,000,000 CDO
Soft have
220,000,000 CDO – 16 Mill
Hard hat
360,000,000 CDO – 80 Mill
United Kingdom
For more information about Cardonio, you can visit the following link:
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