Cardonio – The most powerful Crypto Credit Card has now arrived

> Introducing

Cardonio is a cutting edge payment card which is set to be the must-have item for every holder of Bitcoin and/or Ether Cryptocurrencies. In addition it is perfectly suited for anyone who spends money in foreign currency around the world. Primarily designed as a solution for those within the Cryptocurrency community, what makes Cardonio such an exciting and unique opportunity is that card holders are able to secure instant lines of credit using nothing more than their existing Crypto holdings as security.

> Payment System

The electronic payment system has grown increasingly over the last decades due to the growing spread of internet-based banking and shopping. As the world advances more with technology development, we can see the rise of electronic payment systems and payment processing devices. As these increase, improve, and provide ever more secure online payment transactions the percentage of check and cash transactions will decrease.

One of the most popular payment forms online are credit and debit cards. Besides them, there are also alternative payment methods, such as bank transfers, electronic wallets, smart cards or bitcoin wallet (bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency).

The following is a payment system that is often used by people

  • E-wallet — A form of prepaid account that stores user’s financial data, like debit and credit card information to make an online transaction easier.
  • Smart card — A plastic card with a microprocessor that can be loaded with funds to make transactions; also known as a chip card.

E-payment systems are made to facilitate the acceptance of electronic payments for online transactions. With the growing popularity of online shopping, e-payment systems became a must for online consumers — to make shopping and banking more convenient. It comes with many benefits, such as:

  • Reaching more clients from all over the world, which results in more sales.
  • More effective and efficient transactions — It’s because transactions are made in seconds (with one-click), without wasting customer’s time. It comes with speed and simplicity.
  • Convenience. Customers can pay for items on an e-commerce website at anytime and anywhere. They just need an internet connected device. As simple as that!
  • Lower transaction cost and decreased technology costs.
  • Expenses control for customers, as they can always check their virtual account where they can find the transaction history.
  • Today it’s easy to add payments to a website, so even a non-technical person may implement it in minutes and start processing online payments.
  • Payment gateways and payment providers offer highly effective security and anti-fraud tools to make transactions reliable.


Speaking of payment systems, we want to discuss a payment platform that must be owned by crypto-enthusiasts around the world, this platform is named Cardonio. As explained earlier, Cardonio is a cutting edge payment card which is set to be the must-have of Bitcoin and / or Ether Cryptocurrencies.

What are the benefits of using Cardonio;

  • Visa card, low interest rate, no annual fee
  • Make seamless fiat purchases
  • Spend multiple currencies

Imagine the prospect of making a purchase today for $10,000 which for argument sake is 1BTC. By the time payment is due in 90 from now the BTC price might be above $12,000, meaning you have saved well in excess of 20% on the purchase price”.

> Core features

  • Providing the general public with the chance to make purchases via Ether or Bitcoin using a physical card similar to that of a standard credit/debt account.
  • Make purchases wherever traditional credit/debt cards are accepted – Accepted both online and for traditional POS card payments.
  • The subtle difference between Cardonio card and the way people have historically used credit cards is that (behind the scenes) the exact purchase amount via Cardonio Card will be exchanged in real-time from either ETH/BTC. This will take place the very moment the Card is swiped in either an ATM or POS payment gateway, with the remaining balance securely stored in the customers personal wallet to which only they have access.
  • Exchange money at perfect interbank exchange rates using the Cardonio mobile App.
  • Enjoy the same perfect interbank rates whenever a purchase is made using Cardonio Card.
  • Send money from Cardonio App in 23 currencies and from 120 countries worldwide for free.
  • Sending money between Cardonio App users is not only free, it is real-time. The money sent will be instantly available on the receiver’s Cardonio Card.

> Market

The cryptocurrency market is looking bullish, and according to specific experts, it could one day be worth regarding market cap at least $40 trillion. One of the experts who believe it will reach $40 trillion is the founder of Pantera Capital, Dan Morehead. He positively highlighted- “the industry as a whole is $400 billion. It easily could go to $4 trillion, and $40 trillion is definitely possible.”. So you don’t have to worry about the cryptocurrency market that Cardonio wants to enter, because this market will grow even bigger in the coming year.

> Token Sales

Token name
Cardonio Token
Initial offering 15 August 2018 $0.02, PHASE 1: 15 September 2018 $0.10, PHASE
Start Date
15 Aug 2018
Finish Date
15 Feb 2019
Total Supply
550,000,000 CDO
Soft cap
220,000,000 CDO – 16 mill
Hard cap
360,000,000 CDO – 80 mill
United Kingdom

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