CARDSTACK: ICO bussiness platform.

Cardstack is an open-source structure and accord convention that makes blockchains work for the mass market. Cardstack makes a decentralized programming biological community that can be conveyed over numerous business sectors, for example, portable applications and distributed storage.

Cardstack a non-profit establishment situated in the Canton IN Switzerland. Its goal is to advance and build up the Cardstack programming, design, convention, and applications. The Foundation can support and fund innovative work exercises that advance the Cardstack programming, engineering, and convention. It will be in charge of the arranged pledge drive and guarantee that the assets raised are planned and allotted to satisfy its establishing contract.

Cardstack mission is to build an economically sustainable software ecosystem that fights back against the rampant lock-in mechanisms of centralized platforms. Cardstack is building a new experience layer that helps users orchestrate their interactions across the (d)Apps they use, ushering in the age of mass market adoption of decentralized technologies in an open ecosystem.

The user can initiate, orchestrate, and make decisions about transactions that are coordinated locally (i.e. over the counter) via cloudbased market makers or through the logic and consensus mechanisms of various blockchains.

The platform consists of several layers. The bottom layer is the Ethereum blockchain itself. Ontop this layer lies the platform token CARD, which is supposed to be a unified transaction tool for all the apps built and operating within the project’s framework. The CARD token is also going to be distributed to app developers through the special reward pool, comprised of users’ contributions.

The third layer represents the platform unifying and aggregating mechanism TALLY. This layer contains the mechanism of off-chain transactions, which can reduce the load on Ethereum network and solve the problem of its scalability. The circulation of platform tokens is going to be supported by the special class of platform users – “analytic miners”.

The fourth layer provides the framework and APIs for app developers. This layer is intended to enforce some standardized approach to app development, so afterwards those apps could be combined into integrated packages, or taken apart with their parts reconfigured into different apps. Also, it’s assumed that all those apps will use the same CARD token, so theoretically all those apps, taken together, would comprise a somewhat integrated ecosystem and shared monetary space.


= For End-users

Mix and match multiple dApps and cloud apps

Create amazing new workflow and app combinations using Cardstack Hub

Use one token (CARD) that forms retainer agreements with all the services you need

Keep your data sovereign, or transmit it anywhere easily, with our card-based user experience

Get started quickly with fiat currency: no crypto expertise required

= For Developers

Use our comprehensive SDK to build powerful, beautiful, extensible apps

Access a deep library of powerful drop-in functionality

Improve your app experience using Cardstack’s off-chain aggregation

Get paid fairly by our community-run payment and governance algorithm

Get reimbursed for your material costs

Keep things 100% open-source

= For Analytic Miners

Do the useful work of powering community-run algorithms that create a fair distribution of wealth

Help protect the system against outliers, bad-faith actors, and spam

Earn fees in the form of Cardstack Tokens that can be held or circulated back into the ecosystem

Get compensated via assertion scheme that prevents single parties controlling the reward function


Tоkеn Gеnеrаtiоn Evеnt & ICO

Soon the ICO will bе opened but уоu still hаvе time. Its projected for Q1 оf 2018.

• Symbol: CARD

• Tоkеn Tуре: ERC20 оn Ethеrеum

• Hаrd сар: $35,000,000 in USD

• Soft сар: $10,000,000 in USD

• Tоkеn Crеаtеd аt TGE: 6,000,000,000 CARD

• Tоkеn Avаilаblе fоr Publiс аt TGE: 2,400,000,000 CARD (40%)

• KYC/AML: Yеѕ


Kind Regards, please join this great project.


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