CARDSTARK: The experience layer of the decentralized Internet


It is important that all the several components of any system are well integrated together to share information for the smooth running of that system. Over the last 20 years the IT industry has invested huge effort in integrating the data silos inside the corporate boundaries. Unfortunately silos have existed in many systems, this make the different units of that system to function separately and not communicate information with other units. This has become a big issue that need to be addressed.

Native apps on the mobile are programmed to standalone with restrictions that do not allow communication between other apps. This way there is no flow of information between the various apps. Lately many softwares are being moved to the cloud and users are made to pay huge subscription fees and have to choose a plan to manage their numerous subscriptions.

Sadly, getting a mutual authentication between many providers and many customers does not scale well. Getting even one customer and one supplier accounting systems to trust each other and interface seamlessly with each other is a time consuming task. Let alone scale this process to many customers and suppliers.

What is needed is a trust-less decentralized ledger which is not owned by any specific party but is instead shared and controlled together by all participants. As always when 3rd party organizations that do not trust each other need to deal with each other, this provides a good use case for a public or private Blockchain —A solution like Cardstack.

Cardstack project was started 2014 by Chris Tse— a visionary technologist, designer and entrepreneur. The core architecture and components of Cardstack have been under continuous development for more than 3 years

The technology is going to provide a cohesive user experience and reward contributors like miners and the makers through a fair allocation of value.

The Cardstack Foundation exists to conceptualize and realize the software-driven ecosystem that offers users a  cohesive user experience while rewarding makers and miners through a fair allocation of value created.

Cardstack plans to turn silo into horizontal layers that bring the various apps, whether cloud based or blockchain to form a software stack that can easily be used to communicate information. Cardstack also aim to put users in the centre of things so that they can easily control the interaction of things



Cardstack has planned to distribute majority of its token to end users, makers, and miners of the ecosystem. A portion of the tokens will be reserved for the Foundation and the Syndicate, which will vest on a linear schedule.


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