Good day to all! The current theme will be devoted to develop and implement a blockchain platform for the vehicle industry.
A few words about CarFix:

CarFix is ​​the developer of the Lycecycle Blockchain, which created a broad audience of players in the vehicle industry, and is currently selling VLB tokens to develop its projects.
CarFix, the creator of the transactional system for car maintenance and repair, announces the launch of the ICO, scheduled for the end of this year. The goal of the ICO is to earn up to 300,000 ETH, which will allow the development and introduction of a block-platform for the vehicle industry worth $ 1.8 trillion.

CarFix has developed software systems for the following industry participants: car owners, workshops, spare parts distributors and fleet management companies. Currently, software is being developed that will allow access to existing ecosystems of providers of insurance services, car loans and automakers.

CarFix was launched in Moscow and St. Petersburg and, having accumulated more than 5 million euros, has turned into a major ecosystem in the field of auto repair and spare parts. Now the CarFix ecosystem includes more than 500 seminars, 10 largest distributors of spare parts, large dealers, more than 250,000 users, where 50,000 customers are permanent, and will not want to go anywhere!


Running VLB tokens is different from other ISO

CarFix has built a successful business in the real world, which demonstrates the viability of this business model. Leading block engineers are behind the feasibility of creating the blockchain described in the WhitePaper of the project. In most of the first current ICO, the implementation of specific evidence of their business concept is not sufficiently studied. With VLB, business operations are in the growth phase with most of the developed block systems.

The implementation of VLB occurs in two stages: the first is launching it into an ecosystem using CarFix as a moderator, and then decentralized deployment outside the business of CarFix using a consensus mechanism.


More than 10,000 VLB ETH titles were sold to private investors by institutional investors.
During the ICO period from November 27, 2017 and ending on December 17, 2017, in the amount of 250,000,000 VLB will be put up for sale.


The reason for the development of the project in the automotive industry:
Automotive spaces are very broad in terms of market value and the breadth of the various sectors. In Europe and North America, the size of the automotive industry grew to 1.8 trillion. and covered such sectors as: car sales, spare parts, car insurance and car repairs. Incorporating these individual sectors into an ecosystem based on the chain, into exciting business opportunities and optimizing existing industry practices.

There are two aspects of interaction between the participants in the automotive industry, which make the block system profitable as a basic technology for the modernization of relations in the industry. The two most important aspects: integrity and records, as well as certain requirements for relationships.

First, the accuracy and timeliness of records are important to ensure compliance with various warranty guarantees, maximize the cost of resale the vehicle, ensure the authenticity of parts, provide more accurate and cost-effective management of insurance claims, monitor compliance with recommendations to business partners, and optimize their pricing policies through reliable actuarial inputs .

Secondly, the establishment of certain legal and operational relations between the subjects of industry can depend on certain conditions. For example, car loans can be granted only if the car owner issues an insurance policy from a supplier acceptable to the lender. Or the goods can be transferred from the seller to the buyer only in the event that the goods are free from any obstacles. Although this aspect does not require continuity, it can be effectively processed through intellectual contracts.

What do you decide to invest in this project or stay away, but I think that such a developer as CarFix just can not screw up! Good luck everyone!1510824848963-vlb-tokens.jpg



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